Friday, May 05, 2006

pools, booze, and dip

My poor New Testament professor has been ill this week but he came and taught our last lecture anyway. What a trooper! However, you could tell he was still struggling against the virus.

Here are some comments he made during class.

1. Plummers do not poop in public pools.

2. Does anyone have a small shot of whiskey?

3. This is the way you can lecture and have a little dip.

(Can you tell my Seminary is in Kentucky?)

1. I really do not remember what he was illustrating there. We were talking about the Johannine Epistles.

2. He had phlem in his throat and had heard that whiskey would do the trick. Not that he would ever try it. But a cough-drop would do if anyone had one.

3. Sucking on a cough-drop, the professor found he had an excess of saliva and imagined that was how it would feel to teach and dip snuff at the same time.


Priscilla said...

Sounds like you are learning a lot!

Laura said...

Ahahahaha!!! Thanks for the good laugh. I can actually picture him saying those things!!