Wednesday, May 31, 2006

men, oh, men, LEAD

Carolyn McCulley recording Josh Harris' last session at the New Attitude Conference here in the 'Ville.

"Men, oh, men, LEAD. Lead in godly conversation and fellowship," he said. "You don't need somebody to come along and give you a title like Family Group leader for you to lead...You know what? You are going to do a bad job. That's okay, just keep practicing. Ladies, encourage them. Be patient to them, be a sister to them. Root them on. Look at your brothers not as what they are. [Laughter] Look at them at what they can by the grace of God and support them. [Applause.] I am so grateful that my wife does not look at me as what I am!"


CraigS said...

I like that...

ckhnat said...

a word of advice, however ...

Women long for a man to lead and show initiative, yes. However, please do so in wisdom. I have known many well meaning fellows that have cared much about the people in their lives. Ever hear the line "It's the thought that counts"? These fellows thought much about the people the loved. So much so that their thoughts took place of reality. The gifts he thought of buying *her*. The time he imagined spending with *them*. The words he had every intention of writing *him*. In his mind he had done them ... thus, reality.

She, they, he ... never experienced the outcome of these thoughts. They stayed in his mind.

Thus, imagine the perplexing position a young woman can be put in if a man, having noticed her, watched her, observed her interaction with others, etc, thinks of her ... when he has the opportunity he speaks to her.

"I desire to make you my wife."

Think! She has not had the luxury of thinking of him in the way he has of her. He has given her NO indication of his intentions prior to this. His proclamation will have the *opposite* effect ... the maiden with *run*!

Prove yourself to her.

Do not lead ... do not ... love ... in your head. Make those thoughts and intentions *real*.

Allow her to see your potential to be her leader, without the shock of showing up on her doorstep out of the blue with the application in your hand.

CraigS said...

lol - wise advice too ck.

The Borg said...

Christine, you have articulated so well what I have been thinking about lately (and has frustrated me!). Thank you.

How can I respect a man if I do not even know him?

There's this great quote from the coming of age story Gentlehands that I'll paraphrase thusly: "A boy looks on and observes the world. A man participates and brings about change."

Radagast said...

I've taken the liberty of posting a belated reply to this elsewhere.