Monday, December 25, 2006

Mt. Wellington

I love taking pictures of my beloved!

And what a thrill to look down from the peak to have a glorious view of my new home, Hobart, Tasmania!

(mike 2006)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

merry christmas from Mikstine

from my family

Merry Christmas from my family in Germany ... my parents and my two "little sisters" Sarah and Sonja.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

mikstine spotting 4

The last half of this week has been a flood of media coverage for the couple Mikstine.

Thursday night, Felicity of ABC, who was recently seen covering the bushfires along the east coast of Tasmania, invited the couple over for an exclusive dinner party.

The following day as the couple was seen Christmas shopping, they ran into ABC jounralist George R. (a casual reader of both of their blogs) on the street.

Later Friday evening, guests all over the world arrived for the engagement barbeque thrown by Mikstine. Somehow a camera crew got past the bouncers and jounalist Angus and his cameraman Swill got the scoop on the couple and a host of their blogger and non-blogger friends.

In an official statement, Mikstine said "We would like to tell everyone that came to the barbeque that we were so thrilled to have been able to celebrate with everyone." -Stine, a bit overwhelmed with all the new faces but many familiar names, still felt very much at home among her new friends and family.

"Thank you for accepting me as one of your own and no, I never get tired of telling the beautiful story God has given us to tell."

Thursday, December 14, 2006

mikstine spotting 3

Today, blog readers Dave and Joel spotted -Stine strolling down the road eating something. possibly Mykonos? Rumor has it she was headed to the bottle shop.

However, that rumor has been squelched by both Benny of Fullers and photographer extrodinare Sarah when they spotted -Stine in the vacinity of Hobart's shopping district.

After an afternoon of exploring Hobart's bookshops, -Stine had finally settled in one and determined that it was to be her favorite. At that moment, Benny, also of Crossroads fame, walked up to her to pronounce her welcomed in his store.

On her way to meet her fiance, -Stine had the opportunity to accompany Sarah, photographer and fiance of Tim, on her walk home. In a private interview, -Stine confided in Sarah that she had experienced her first moment of culture shock. To her dismay, Hobart's Target did not quite match the trendy standards to be found in Target stores in the United States. Perhaps this revelation will shake -Stine of her obsessive purchasing of inexpensive, yet trendy, clothing ... or clothing altogether ... which could serve Mik- well in spending the excess money on Apple merchandise.

Sarah, however, proved to be a source of good news. It appears that Melbourne is the location of very reasonably priced fashion.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

mikstine spotting 2

Blogger Jonny Rochester writes more of blogger couple Mikstine. Will "stine" visit Jonny's abode? Will it be clean?

Monday, December 11, 2006

mikstine spotting

Blogger Jonny Rochester spotted the blogger couple Mikstine as they attended Crossroads in Hobart, Tasmania.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

an experiment

i'm conducting a little experiment. should everything go as planned, i ought to experience very little jetlag when i arrive in Australia.

the experiment began on Sunday when i slept in till 1:30 pm (my church meets in the evening). hmm, well ... i wasn't tired that night. why not stay up? i could go to sleep around 5 a.m., thus adjusting myself steadily to the time difference in Tasmania (+16 hrs.).

the first night went smoothly ... but yesterday?!! ugh! brutal ... today i'm feeling pretty good.

Mike tells me i should keep that same Tasmanian timetable in mind when i'm flying so that i'm sleeping when he is. hmm, i wonder who gave HIM that advice to begin with when he came here to the States ... ?

i suppose i should pack ... i've thought of it ... hey! anyone want me to bring anything over for them?

i already have a couple of orders i'm working on:

1 cool American girlfriend (a little late notice but i've put out the word ... expecting to hear back from a few chicks.)
American junk food (hmm ... i'm thinking Cheeze Whiz ... nah, don't want to risk imprisonment for that one)
1 college hoodie

anything else? type now or forever hold your peace.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

who says?!

It's never very long after you see two people holding hands on campus and BAM! they're engaged ... what is the average length of time? I think we have figured it to be three months.

(Mike and I were scolded (jokingly) for having taken so long.)

After that? mmm ... some get married the next month or wait at least till the end of final exams the following semester. Typically no longer than a four month engagement period, however.

The timetable of mate pursual at my church is very similar.

In contrast, as Jason suggests, this appears to be against the traditional length of courtship in both secular and (modern) Christian tradition.

Who says you have to wait two years?!

Jason, in the return commented ...

"... I used to consider love something we fall into, mostly about the magic and chemistry between a guy and a girl. But after my most recent relationship, when those feelings became worthless in one short break-up conversation, and my grandpa's words after Thanksgiving dinner, I'm starting to think of love in more practical terms. I can't help but notice that Sojourn people have pretty short dating/engagement periods before getting married. Why is that? How do two people become so sure of the most important decision of their lives? ..."

Priscilla responded ...

"My husband and I dated for 4 months then we got engaged and 4 months later we got married. Some of our friends were quite concerned.


"Here we are 14 and a half years later...with 3 kids, and a morgage to pay. Marriage is hard work. I still know that the Lord's hand was in our relationship. And it still is in our relationship. Our marriage is not always exciting...and I don't daydream about my husband all day (like I did during our engagement), but I am here with a hot meal for him when he comes home from work. I love him. I'm committed to him. We still stay up late talking. We understand each other so much better than we did that first year of marriage.

"Marriage is like a fine mellows, but improves over time..."

To which Jason replied,

"... I ... agree with the point that marriage needs to be centered around God and that definitely makes the difference. You know, there was a discussion about marriage on the Catholic Answers web site a while back and I was surprised at how many people there had very short dating/engagement periods before marriage who were married for 10, 15, 20 years. In fact, I didn't read a single account of anyone taking what I consider the more traditional route of dating for a couple years before engagement. Is that not as typical as I thought it was?"

My two cents:

"Perhaps, Jason, it has to do with intimacy and commitment. In their short time together, these couples have achieved a level of intimacy to which they know that they can commit the rest of their life to that person. Their time spent together is purposeful in getting to know the inner workings, desires, passions, standards, habits of the person. When you know that you are commited to this person, why draw it out? Why wait to be married? Do you know the person fully and completely? No. But like you implied about your grandparents ... commitment is hard work that lasts a lifetime. Divorce is NOT an option. You've made your choice and you will stick by it till you die. So ... why wait two years?"

It is not about having sex as soon as you can without feeling guilty.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Mike and Christine: His side

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wedding invitation and website

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Be sure to save the date and start early in booking your flights. We look forward to celebrating with you. Please RSVP in the site's guest book by leaving your email address and home mailing address.

tim tam slam demo

Adam demonstrating the proper technique and subsequent expression of euphoria of a Double Chocolate Tim Tam Slam.