Friday, May 12, 2006

cast it on the waters

Ruth's husband, assistant pastor with the ministry Christians in the Media in Sydney, Australia, speaks about risk taking for God's glory.

Click here to listen to the audio.


CraigS said...

I remember that sermon, it was excellent.

If AB did 3 or 4 more in the same mold, we could turn it into an excellent book - kindof a positive, biblical reply to self-help stuff.

ckhnat said...

i'm afraid i'm one of the wild people he talked about in the beginning. but i listened anyway.

this thought always gets to me ... and i mentioned it in my article ... NOT taking a risk can be riskier than not doing anything.

my roommate and i were talking this afternoon about taking risks. her mentor in college told her that one MUST take risks in relationships. one MUST become vulnerable. It's part of living well.

ckhnat said...

speaking of my roommate ... we both got home at the same time this afternoon and when we got out of our cars, she asked me if I remembered the ducklings we had seen swimming in the pool.


Well, we have a friend who sometimes works on the upkeep of the grounds around our apartment, he's also one of our church elders. She had a meeting with him today and she asked what he had done during the day.

"Oh, I had to take some dead ducklings out of the pool."


A few days ago, my roommate and I were standing on our balcony looking down at the pool watching a mother duck and her babies swim about. The mother duck got out of the pool but the water was so low that the ducklings could get out.

... then my roommate and I went about our daily lives.

but ... they died! they died because they couldn't get out. my roommate and i did NOTHING! they probably died of hunger and exhaustion! ... we did nothing ...

i'm usually not like this. i'm usually, "eh, death is a fact of life." but this has left me quite shaken.

Ruth said...

That is really sad...maybe partly because they were ducklings not full grown ducks?

ckhnat said...

they didn't have a chance