Monday, May 29, 2006

the Mormon version

Pride and Prejudice: a Latter-Day Comedy

Yet another adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice ... however, this one is different. This P&P is like ... um ... what My Big Fat Greek Wedding was. It's chalk full of sub-culture.

Yes indeed, Jack Wickam is a polygamist.


Oh ... and Collins is just back from his 2 year mission and looking for a wife to multiply and replenish the earth with.

The girls? A bunch of Brigham Young University roommates. Jane is from Argentina.

Ah ... and Darcy ... he wouldn't be Darcy without the make-any-girl-weak-in-the-knees British accent.

If anything, watch it because *my goodness* it's a freakin' Mormon Pride and Prejudice.

Visit the official website here. Be sure to watch the trailer.


ckhnat said...

Elizabeth: As much as I love being insulted by you, I think you'll be happier at a table for one.

Jane: What time is it?
[Elizabeth opens a curtain with a stick]
Elizabeth: [long pause] It's morning.

Elizabeth: Even the worst people can be nice to their friends, Jane.

Collins: Elizabeth, we've been commanded to multiply and replenish the Earth!

Will Darcy: A woman of many talents.

Jack Wickam: So... he used the old "multiply and replenish" line. Funny, that usually works for me. Maybe it was his delivery.
Elizabeth: His delivery was fine, I just didn't want the package.

Collins: I had a kind of... funny... encounter with a girl in this congregation, who will remain anonymous, but for the sake of the story, let's call her... Elizabeth B. No-no, E. Bennett.

Jane: Elizabeth... I think we stink.

Lydia Merylon: Okay, *this* has got to stop. The house is a total mess. Kitty, disinfect!
[Kitty sprays disinfectant all over the room]
Lydia Merylon: Now *we* are going to the grocery store - and *you* are coming with us!
Elizabeth: Just let me die!
Jane: We're out of ice-cream, Elizabeth!

Will Darcy: I find... I find, I find you strangely attractive.
Will Darcy: You're not the sort of girl I normally go out with - I mean, you're loud, you're disorganized, your friends are an embarrassment. But I like you, I don't know why. Will you... will you... will you have dinner with me tomorrow night?
Elizabeth: No.

Elizabeth: Can I help you?
Will Darcy: [curtly] I doubt it.
Elizabeth: Oh - you're from England. My ancestors came from Hertford -
Will Darcy: [cuts her off] Charming.
Will Darcy: Okay, I'm looking for a book on writing by Kierkegaard - K - I - E -
Elizabeth: [cuts him off] Kierkegaard, the father of existentialism. You're in "Landscape Gardening".
Will Darcy: Oh, really...
[picks a couple books from the shelf]
Will Darcy: I had no idea that Mark Twain's genius extended to gardening. Or... Dr. Phil's.
Elizabeth: [curtly] "Philosophy" is two aisles over. Help yourself!

Jane: Triple Choc-choc-choc-chocolate chunk or Uncle Bubba's Big Belly Butter Brickle?
Elizabeth: Both.

Elizabeth: I always thought I was a good judge of character.
Jane: Don't feel bad. Jack had us all fooled.
Elizabeth: No, I'm not talking about Jack. I mean Darcy.
Jane: I think we're going to need a bigger cart.

Lydia Merylon: Oh, this is just great girls. Here we've just spent 20 minutes picking out the perfect array of romantic items, and what do we come back to find? Two kegs of ice cream, pills for cramping, pills for bloating, and six super size boxes of Tampax? Why don't we just put up a big neon sign that says, "Men, run for your lives! Menstruating monsters approaching!"

G. F. McDowell said...

I prefer the Bollywood "Bride and Prejudice". I can suspend my disbelief long enough to enjoy the massive song and dance numbers with hundreds of extras. Plus, the story works well in Indian culture. In this version, Wickham is an English backpacker making his way through India.

The Borg said...

That's crazy stuff, that is.

Lindsay said...

Ok, I just caught this on ELov and I cracked up. A Mormon P&P, who came up with that? I do think that the, "Elizabeth, we've been commanded to multiply and replenish the Earth!" line hit a little close to home for a seminary girl, but was hilarious none the less.