Monday, May 01, 2006

the folks from Oz

the Borg has a new post up. What do evangelical Aussies think about the effects of pornography on their (our) society?

Shiloh would like to know my thoughts on pornography and our culture, specifically in regards to women and their sexual desires.

Having grown up in a culture where the human body is flaunted before everyone through television, posters, magazines, and the like ... more so than in the U.S. ... I have noticed that many become numb to pornography. The negative effects are still there, however men and women trivialize it and have made it a standard part of society. Whereas, TV spots in the U.S. for shampoo and soap attempt to be tasteful by "leaving just a little to the imagination," Europeans exalt the human body and laud its bareness. If you have jet-lag and are looking for something to occupy your time and thoughts after 11 or 10 p.m. stay away from the television screen. Porn films are there for all to see on public television. I know. I mistakenly switched it on one sleepless night.

The appeal of the human body has never found root with me. Those who gaze at certain areas, nudge their buddies, or whisper to their girlfriends and giggle about someone's anatomy boggles my mind. While I am certainly one to appreciate beauty in all its forms, the male body (or female body, for that matter) doesn't evoke erotic passions within me.

However, I can understand the appeal of cheap romance novels. (Not that I endulge myself ... there is merely an understanding there.) In feasting on words or scenes in romance movies, women forsake all foolish claims of feminism and long for an ideal man who will lead them away in his arms, care for them, appreciate them, cherish them. He is tender but strong, intelligent and patient, encouraging and decisive.

THESE are the images that evoke sexual passions for me ... passions that I must turn over to Christ and seek contentment in Him.

Women who crave ideals portrayed in romance novels and chick-flicks begin to disdain any who cannot reach them. There is something to be said for maintaining standards. However, when one demands perfection and cannot find satisfaction in anything else ... she is on her way to a very lonely, bitter, disappointed life.

In my opinion, women are not stimulated as much by the visual but by touch and the heart.


CraigS said...

Hmmm...some more original content required Christine. What are you studying at the moment (for example)?

Ruth said...

Hey Craig,

Cut Christine some slack - she wrote this post at 2am!! ;-)

And, when you wake up Christine, what are you studying at the moment. How was your job interview??

The Borg said...

Wake up Christine!!


The Borg said...

It's 6am. She ought to be up like any good Puritan.

Or maybe I'm getting my denominations/timezones muddled.

ckhnat said...

Yawn! Good Morning, all.

I'm off for my interview in an hour ... so forgive me if I do not address the Porn issue just yet. I woke up a bit later than I had intended.

As far as studying ... Final Exams are the daily specials.

I'm also preparing a 5 week curriculum for mentoring a new Christian woman.

AND developing a curriculum for a weekend retreat training women on how to evangelize in a post-modern world.

Ruth said...

Good morning Christine - I'm about to go to bed, so I can be fresh for a new term of school tomorrow! (2boys at school and 2 at home still).

Hope your interview goes well. When you have time - I'm interested in your mentoring program - sounds interesting.

The Borg said...

Interview Shminterview... I spent my whole weekly day off blogging. Where is your commitment Christine? ;)

CraigS said...

Hope the interview goes well - about to hit the sack myself. Will send up a prayer...

ckhnat said...

Good morning, Aussies!

and HellooooooOOooo ... everyone else.

So, I had a magnificent interview, if I do say so myself. God is so wonderful. I would enjoy so much getting back into teaching art. The principal is a doll. And the school's stand on training young Christians in the arts is encouraging. I'd have my own classroom and many resources to have fun with.

All I need to do is fill out the application and ship it off.

Thanks for your prayers.

CraigS said...

You had the interview *before* filling out the job application??

Its usually the other way around.

Glad the interview went well though.

Ruth said...

Good morning - it is a glorious day here - and we are running early for school - there's a first for everything. Praise the Lord.

Glad the interview went so well.

ckhnat said...

The administrator actually contacted *me* ... not the other way around.

The Borg said...

Head hunted... doubly cool.