Sunday, May 07, 2006

Macs are ... super

Check out the new Mac ads.

Oh, and ... I went to the Grape Leaf tonight with a couple of friends. One of the guys mentioned that the 2nd Superman trailer was out. I ... I've gotta say ... I'm pretty stoked.

Hmm, didn't Superman have a Doppleganger?


Carmen said...

I want a bad. This silly pc is so slow and ill. i use lauren's mac all the time. oh no i think it's crashi....

Tom said...

Once ya go Mac ya never go back!

There were two guys sititng in the Empire State Bulding on the 22nd floor drinking at a bar one night. The bartender, overhearing the conversation was wiping down the bar shaking his head in disbeleif.

The first drunk was trying to tell the second drunk that you can jump out the window and get swooped back in the building on the 10th floor. The second drunk was not convinced. So they made a bet on it for $50.

So the first drunk runs and jumps out the window. And sure enough right on the 10th floor he was swooped right into an open window and takes the elevator back to the bar.

The second drunk still cannot beleive this. So he gives the first drunk another $50 to do it again. Sure enough once again on the 10th floor he comes right back up.

After he made it back to the bar the second guy just could not wait and then he jumps out. He made it to the 10th floor, 9th, 8th, until he went splat on the sidewalk and died.

The bartender angrily looked up and said "You know you are a jerk when you are drunk Superman!"

Alex & Laura Beth said...

If all things go as planned, Alex and I are getting the new Powerbook. Mac is supposed to announce it any day now!

We are definitely a mac family. We alread have an iMac. We've upgraded the iPod three times in the last year. And now we're getting the new Powerbook. We're obsessed!