Friday, May 05, 2006

The Adventures of Deutero-Isaianic Man

John Dekker recently made a list of terms never to be used when preaching from the Old Testament.

Here is the Borg's "understanding" of the use of these terms:

After loosing the battle at Hithpael, Deutero-Isaianic-Man escaped on his Tretragrammaton. He looked through his Pericope and believed he had spied his enemies, being swallowed by the Protevangelium. Yet he had made a Phenomenological mistake! His enemies had another Leitmotiv; and the Protevangelium was instead persuing Deutero-Isaianic-Man. The Protevangelium gained on Deutero-Isaianic-Man and unleashed its Hendiadys. Overpowered, he plummeted down into the Ante-diluvian.

As it is written in the Septuagint.


Donna said...

I will never look at the OT in the same way again. :)

The Borg said...

I love the pic of Deutero-Isaianic Man!

ckhnat said...

he's from some old movie about Samson, i think.