Sunday, May 28, 2006

Chris Thile performing a song he wrote "Set Me Up With One Of Your Friends"


ckhnat said...

My flatmate and I were chatting last night and we don't know how keen we are on the whole "set up" idea.

You know ... Frank and Mary are blissfully happy in their marriage and desire that their single friends experience the same kind of joy. So they call up Jane and they call up Erwin to "hang out" with them Friday night.

There's talk on the feminine grape vine that women of our certain age aren't too enthusiastic about "hanging out" exclusively. They want a man who knows what he wants and won't string her along as "just friends" when to all observers they are "dating."

Getting to know someone is one thing. But communication is vital. If you're just wanting to "get to know" tell her ... she can take it ... and she will appreciate it. But once you figure out she's not "the one", tell her and set her free. Because your holding on to her to "hang out" is not fair to her.

where was i going with this?

Oh ... "set ups" ... eh, i guess they're alright. It's kind of nice having your friends look out for you. But after that initial meet ... the two friends who did the setting up ought to be out of it ... the guy takes it from there ... and communicates the direction he sees the relationship going.

that being said ... feel free to give my number to chris if you should see him.

ckhnat said...

oh ... and shout out to L.T. ... guys who can bake are a hot item! you need to advertise!

I had a guy friend in college who "built" wedding cakes. He would bring all sorts of delicious goodies to rehearsals so that us waiting in the green room could get our teeth smudged with gooey chocolate goodness before we had to go on stage for our scene. I witnessed two girls almost kill each other over the last brownie.

I've also been present when a couple of girls proposed to him ... that errupted into a bit of a tussle, as well.

Priscilla said...

Oh dear...that must have been some guy.

Set-ups rarely work because everyone involved feels uncomfortable. Besides that well-meaning friends quite often don't have a clue who is right for one another.

I should mention that my husband can bake...and my 11 year old son is on his way. The other night he (my son) made chocolate chip cookies. Should I warn him about the tussles this may cause?

CraigS said...

lol - did you your friend out Christine?

ckhnat said...

no, not me ... I promised my parents I wouldn't get in a serious relationship with anyone in college ... the school being fundie and all.

Bobby said...

Chris Thile is an amazing talent.