Wednesday, May 17, 2006

on a lighter note ...

Today I went to pick up some groceries. As I was meandering across some of the aisles, a group of kids, ages 10-13, passed me.

"Ask her. Ask her," I overheard one whisper.

A thirteen year old boy backtracked and began to follow me. "Um, excuse me. Could you say that you're our mom so that we can get a free cookie from the backery?"

I looked at the kid and noticed the mischievous twinkle in his eye.

"Look at me, kid. Do I look old enough to be your mother?"

"I never said you did!" and he scampered off to catch up with his waiting friends.

Crazy kids.

Later, as I was standing in line to pay, the kids came down one of the aisles near me.

"Hey, it's our mom!" shouted the ring leader.

Never one to pass up a bit of fun, I returned the greeting and waved. "Hey, kids."

One of the girls shyly waved back.

"She's more like our aunt," said another one of the girls.

The ringleader walked right up to me.

"I love you."

"Really, that's not what you said when I sent you to bed early last night. If I remember correctly, your language was anything but loving!"

His eyes got big, "I didn't mean it ..."

"Don't come following me around the grocery store, Junior, acting like all of a sudden you claim me as your mother!"

With that the kids all left the store laughing.

I bowed my head to keep from laughing myself, while those in line around me stared.


Priscilla said...

That must have been histerical!

Priscilla said...

Enjoyed the video!

The Borg said...


Donna said...

Ah, the classic Stewart... yesssss....

I worked at a camp a few summers ago where we camp leaders did rediculous skits in the morning to get the kids awake and going... some of them were spoofs of other skits done on tv. Stuart was one of the favorites - we had a couple of counselors who could play dead ringers for Stuart and his mom. Stuart pretended to be a camper participating in some of the camp's activities and his mom was a chaperone... hilarious. :)

The Borg said...

Christine I reckon the kids picked you because you look just enough grown-up to be a "mother figure" and just enough not-grown-up to play along with their little game. :)

Tom said...

Those poor kids....hahahha Hey they wanted to play and ya went with it...they asked and they received! Jolly good show!