Saturday, July 08, 2006

tired in Seattle

summer missionaries: Kious, Jenny, and Amanda

Princess Amanda climbed the tower only to find a giant from her own kingdom. Sadly, he was too busy giving tours on the top of the Space Needle to show her a good time around Seattle. Oh wait! Summer missionaries aren't allowed to DATE! Ha. Too bad.

Ah, Seattle. Everything I dreamed it would be. Or was I dreaming. I sure was tired enough to have been dreaming. Being compelled to view Pirates of the Caribbean II for it's very first showing at 11:59 p.m. last night was not my idea of a good time. Loved the movie ... but due to "technical difficulties" the show did not actually commence till 1:15 Friday morning.


I have a feeling that I might have enjoyed the city more if I had not been so tired ... i confess, i *was* a bit irritable.

I shall return soon, O Fair City!

Princess Amanda, to take out her frustration for not having won the heart of the giant (although he smiled at her many a time during his tour), proceded to photograph her partner in ministry, poor defensless Kious, in the act of sleeping with her mouth wide open on the way home.

picture not included

UPDATE 7/21 - Supposedly this is not a first for Princess Amanda. Click here.


Priscilla said...

Was it because you were "sleepless?"

Jonny said...

I spent a year in Vancouver B.C. Only a short trip from Seatle.

Do people pick your accent for being from the other side of the country?

ckhnat said...

Jonny - how can they pick up on an accent when i don't have one? I'm not from a particular region of the country.

Jonny said...

Non regional dialect. That's cool. People pay money for that, you can order the complete set of tapes for $124. You could be a national news reader.

I also speak a non regional dialect. (No accent).

Marian said...

Looks like you hit the hot spots. Let me know when you want a real list of things to do in the city. ;-)

And I LOVE Vancouver BC. My favorite city ever.

mike said...

Christine really is a beautiful girl... that's what I was thinking. I think I was falling love with your beauty at this stage.