Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bible club and bouncy castles

This week I assisted a church in Lebanon, Oregon, by helping teach two Bible clubs in the community, one at the Boys and Girls Club and the other at an assisted living home (for the children of the employees). The children were marvelous ... asking such deep questions concerning reincarnation (!), sin, the Holy Spirit. Many who know me know that I am a firm advocate of young people. Adults don't give them enough credit. So, instead of brushing their questions aside, by God's grace, I answered their tough questions.

Ruth would be pleased to know that I taught the 2 Ways to Live presentation to othe kiddos. Each made their own booklets and drew in the picture of each stage of the presentation as I covered it. The Gospel was presented many times throughout the week without such language as "asking Jesus into your heart" (etc.).

Ha ... another thing about me ... I'm not a touchy-feely person. But when a child hugs me around my waste or when sitting beside me simply lays his or her hand on my arm just so they can touch me ... my heart warms. That lingering physical touch ... a sign of love.

I hope they remember more from the week than that being ticklish is all in your head.

Tonight the week ended with a bounce into a air-filled castle as many of our kids and children from the surrounding neighborhood joined members of the church for a community block party ... the *torture* of manning a bouncy castle and not being able to take part ...

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