Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ooo ... aaahhh!

Happy Birthday, Olympia!

You know, if I were blind I would have had just as good of a time as I did last night. Listening to Julie and Nadine's "ooo's and ahhhh's" and subsequent commentaries were hilarious ...

although, there was that one time I thought one was a dud ...

"Eh, that one could have been better ... you suppose they got that one on clearance?"

A fraction of a second later it DID get better with surprising bursts of explosive light ... fooled us all!

But today ... today was a lovely lazy ... hot ... day.

Ooo ... and I watched Adam's Rib ... LOVED IT! Dialogue in movies of yor was soooo witty!

Here's my favorite quote:

Spencer Tracy to Katherine Hepburn during a tirade against her contempt for the law and men:

"I'm old-fashioned. I like two sexes! And another thing. All of a sudden I don't like being married to what is known as a 'new woman.' I want a wife, not a competitor! Competitor! Competitor!"


Carmen said...

Ooh fireworks. I love fireworks. You know, it's hilarious how you mentioned people thought you were European. People keep coming up to me and saying "British?" or "norway?" but my personal favorite was the man that came up to me and started speaking in German. I just stared at him.

ckhnat said...

Yeah ... I got "Norway" ... but what do Americans at a uber-Conservative Bible College know ...