Saturday, July 01, 2006

session 3

By this time all the little kids have gone home and the older kids have arrived and ready for an extra Missions Session that the youngsters did not get the privilege of enjoying.

I began session 3 with a discussion of soccer strategy and then had each team come up with their own strategy on how they could communicate letters and numbers without speaking or using paper.

We did a series of games in which the children had to get in order chronologically by age and then birthday, followed by alphabetical order using names. The girls were much better at this activity than the boys were.

After the games, we discussed how missionaries may need to come up with strategies to effectively live and speak the message of the Gospel to new cultures and in new languages.

They then took out their notebooks and copied down the 2 Ways to Live Gospel presentation that I had drawn and written out on the chalkboard. While they copied, I explained each section.

As a bonus activity, I paired each of the girls up (the boys ... well, they weren't quite ready for this activity) and had one pretend to be completely clueless about Jesus or the Gospel and the other would share the Good News while the other asked questions ... such as, "What is sin?"

Because we still had time, I let the group practice on ME. Playing the role of the "clueless", I drilled these girls and helped them along.

Many left feeling confident that they could now share the Gospel with their friends. I was glad for this because the Southern Baptist Vacation Bible School ABC (Admit, Believe, Confess) approach seemed too vague leaving too many missing puzzle pieces. Even some of the adults were thankful for Ruth's dad's presentation saying that it cleared up a lot of why death is a just punishment for sin. Woo Hoo!

(Yep ... I just typed "Woo Hoo!")

Later that night, two girls professed to have recognized Jesus as Lord of their lives.


Rocket Surgeon, Phd said...

You're awesome!

This blog is what God created on the 8th day.

Carmen said...

Well, hooray for the woohoo. I'm woohooing as well, for i've settled in in Thessaloniki for the next month. And i've found a good Christian friend to hang out with too. So, hopefully i'll have time to actually update everyone soon...but it's almost 12 here, so i'll talk with you later