Monday, July 03, 2006

memories from Kamp Kursa

As little Sophie arrived at camp, she exclaimed:
"Sweet Mother of Pearl!"

Pastor Mike commenting on my sweet little brown hat:
"I think this is the first time we get to experience a little Christian Dior here at our camp. You would do Jackie Kennedy proud."

Camper to his counsellor when they couldn't find a ping pong ball:
"Wait! I learned something today ... what was it ... I know! Don't focus on what you want, but be thankful for what you have!" With that he made up a completely new game with a few odds and ends he found lying around. Supposedly it ended up being loads more fun than ping pong.

A verse from Pastor Kerry's song:
"I think I'm going to throw up
I think I'm going to throw up
I think I'm going to throw up
... my hands to the Lord"
(the other verses involved "hurling" and "doodoo")

superstar summer missionaries and their band Washington:
"Sweet home, Kamp Kursa
Where the skies are barely blue
Sweet home, Kamp Kursa
I'll come back next year to you."


G. F. McDowell said...

That sounds as though it was fun, but more importantly, it sounds as though the gospel was faithfully proclaimed in a non-canned way. Keep the updates coming!

Amanda said...

For a liitle correction to your song, it is not "going to" it is gonna. I know that it isn't perfect English, but if you're gonna sing it sing it right.

(remember that I learned it in Texas and we have our own unique language down there)