Sunday, July 02, 2006

hiding places

Before I left the camp earlier this afternoon, I went and took this picture of my hiding place. Oh, I had others throughout the week. Places I would go just to get away, to read, to meditate, to listen to sermons on my iPod, and to nap. One was down a trail a good 7 minute hike away from the camp in a small clearing in the forest.

Another was underneath a tree with sprawling branches. The long grass provided a comfortable bed as I lounged there and napped.

Sigh. Could I ever be content anywhere else?

Gasp! What was I thinking?! Wasn't I listening to what I had taught the kids.

Had I made an idol out of green grass, lush trees, mountains, and lakes?

Would I question God's goodness if he moved me to a dry and barren land?

For a moment ... yes!

Oh, horrid wretch that I am!

Back to the picture ... one day the counsellors all hid and the campers had to find them. This was my spot. I brought my iPod with me in case I got bored ... good thing, too ... I was in my "coffin" for 30 minutes until the "Pink Ladies" found me.

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Bethany said...

Hiding counselors and seeking campers... sounds like good fun to me!