Monday, July 10, 2006

complaints of a tall person

I have a couple of complaints to vent concerning clothing stores, bathrooms, and travel.

Clothing stores:
How many times have I gone to the dressing room to try on an article of clothing to find that the top of the door comes to the middle of my chest. TJMAXX!!! Especially the co-ed changing rooms!!!

Bathrooms: (the real sort ... with the tub and shower)
Why must people insist on constructing bathrooms where the shower head is positioned to spray on my neck? No joke. I have actually had to get on my knees a couple of times to wash my hair! and TUBS!!! The idea of relaxing baths are foreign to me! I can't do it. Am I really supposed to fold my limbs inside such a small rectangular box to cleanse myself?!! Where is all the comfort and luxury people suggest comes with taking a bath?!!

Also ... since some of you mentioned toilets earlier ... what's with the compact toilet stalls where one's knees touch the door?!!

Once upon a time I curled up rather nicely in an airline seat to snooze the long hours away. But now ... next to impossible to sleep. I make a point of asking for aisle seats for the little bit of extra space i can get by stretching one of my legs out into the aisle. But as the flight attendants come clunking down the aisle with their beverages ... BAM! ... yet another bruise to trophy on my lower limbs. I believe exit rows ought to be reserved for tall individuals.

(picture of Tall Girl, Seattle, dressing room. Yes, those are leather pants! ... No, I didn't buy them ... I couldn't zip them up. Ha. Did you know my MOM has black leather pants?!! hmm ... maybe you didn't want to know. Forget I said anything.)


ckhnat said...

OH! ... AND ... public toilet room sinks ... why must they be so LOW!!! Many times I have had to break out into a fancy ballet move in order to gracefully lower myself down so that I could reach the water with my hands.


The Borg said...

Is Holland a land designed for tall people?

Shop Assistant: So you're taking those ones?

You: Yeah, the leather pants.

Shop Assistant: That's a $169.

You: Here you go.

Shop Assistant: Spank you very much!

ckhnat said...

Yes, Holland is a lovely place. Everytime I had a layover in Amsterdam ... I would disembark onto the lovely land of giants.

I wonder how large their tubs are ...

Justin said...

Who and how can we lobby for that whole "exit row" for anyone over 6 feet?

mike said...

And you think it's bad for you... sheesh you have no idea. I have another two inches to cram into all the compact spaces you speak of.

supportMIKE is too freaking tall

Jonny said...

And when short people are talking to me, it's like they are talking to my breasts. "Hello, I'm up here".

ckhnat said...

I reached freakish levels (as a woman) when i passed 6'1".

6' was cool.

6'1" was worrisome.

6'2" I stopped answering my phone due to all the circuses vying for my employment.

mike said...

I loved the licking elbow pic you had as your id pic for a while. I tried for ages to do it just do do something that you couldn't. Love you