Wednesday, July 05, 2006

my independence

Mum and Dad raised me to be independent ... so what did I do this Independence Day?

I went to the rain forest.

Sadly there were no speakers behind the plant life streaming Disney theme park jungle sound effects. So I provided my own monkey chatter and squwaking of brilliantly colored ...

... WHOA! was that a parrot?!!

No. It was a suicidal sparrow that flew into the side of my windshield. I watched in my rearview mirror as the limp bird was flung up into the air by the force of the hit and then spiralled into a splat on the asphalt behind.


See what? asked my two fellow missionary friends.

The kamikaze bird.


Two minutes later we watched in shock as another fool of a bird flew smack into the side of the RV in front of us ... spiralling to it's death as the other had.

Wide-eyed we stared at each other.

What's with the birds?!!

It's as if they got into some red-neck's 4th of July beer stash and decided to play a game of dare.

Ok ... wait for it ... wait for it ... now, fly now ... SPLAT!


Here are my pics.


ckhnat said...

I waved to all you Aussies from the beach again but it was dark and no one saw me. You were probably distracted by the miles and miles of warzone like explosions of fireworks ... what an odd American tradition/passtime.

Rabby said...

That was some good pictures, Hnat. They shore was.

It's good to be out in God's wilderness an all. That's why I make my home in a hole in the ground.

Nixter said...

That is a great photo, you look so little next to that huge tree.

I saw you wave, didn't you see me wave back??

ckhnat said...

was it when the dunes caught on fire? if it was, um, i was a bit pre-occupied.

Nixter said...

Understood ;)

As for the birds, have you seen Ice Age 1? If so, the Dodo's try to protect their 'last' watermelon (TAE KWON DODO'S) and in the process ALL die. "There goes our last female!"

Maybe these birds are trying to protect something, not sure about watermelons, but in the process crash and die on car windscreens?? I mean you might say this is a little far fetched BUT you just never know with birds.

Maybe they need to get across the road to reach something. OK OK I will stop with the theories now ;)

ckhnat said...


DOOM on you!

Nixter said...

LOL, i just love that movie, the second one is also heaps funny. I think we might have had this convo before ;)


ckhnat said...

what about THESE birds?

Nixter said...

I love those penguins. Will have to watch it at home tonight, no sounds on work comp. I coudn't watch any youtube videos on my home laptop - not sure why. I will try and get it working tonight ;)

ckhnat said...

it's the vid that went along with the Wallace and Gromit movie

Nixter said...

More cheese Gromit?

SO just got me Chicken Run for my birthday. I think he likes is because I do the Yorkshire accent whenever I see that movie.

"I don't want to be a pie, I don't like gravy"

Nixter said...

I mean SP not SO!

Marion said...

Christine you look like Geena Davis but prettier!

Donna said...

Whoa girl - LOVE the new profile pic... ow ow! :)

Hope all is well in WA - have a great weekend!

PS: We survived the wedding - yay! If you wanna see a few pics, Lisa has some on one of her blogs:

ckhnat said...

Sigh ... I can't help but think ... if i'd been there I'd be in the pic with Casey and Jiri. But alas ... yours what one of a couple of weddings i sadly am unable to attend this summer.

ckhnat said...

Marion: no, i look like my friend who looks like Geena Davis ... It helped that her name was Jeana.


Man, Jeana had a gorgeous smile ... i wonder how she is ... ?

When you find someone that matches your soul ... don't let go ... especially if she looks like you.

Imagine two 6 ft girls walking down the streets of Nashville.

"Whoa, is the Women's NBA in town?"

Yep, a tourist actually made that snide remark.

Carmen said...

Hello from Crete! my independence day was great too...i just celebrated being in Greece by drinking a Greek Frappe. I think that's the craziest, caffine-full thing i've ever had. Wow.

Priscilla said...

Awesome trees!