Monday, July 31, 2006

silly in Seattle

This is the story of three very silly girls. Once upon a time, one Night Elf Huntress and two little pixies made their way to the emerald city ... not on a quest, not for fame and glory, not to seek love, but to merely ... be silly ... and ... go shopping.

The three were bonded together by having attended the same training institute for woodland creatures

... the youngest still undergoing her apprenticeship.

While in the enchanted Emerald city, the three visited the Curiosity Shop ... complete with shrunken heads, coins from Sweden, salt and pepper shakers from the Orient (ooo!).

The silliness of the three escalated when they discovered ... ethereal music ... the first ever Starbucks!

The eldest pixie rushed across the street to capture the images of Elf and youngest pixie in front of the store. But as they posed for the picture, the elf's eyes lowered to the "boot" of the automobile before them ... Bwahahahaha!!!!

What is it, O Tall Elf? What laughest thou at?

The elf lifted a shaking slender finger to the object lying on the "boot" of the vehicle.

Giggles burst forth from the two woodland creatures as they embraced each other in the silliness of it all!

Just then, other creatures passed by the two wrapped in laughter ... the male creature too noticed the object and pointed it out to his mate. Looking to the two giggling ninnies, he asked,

"Are those yours?"


"Indeed, they are not! I should think that I wouldn't leave my lace undies lying about on the back of my automobile!"


It wasn't long after being nourished by the invigorating elixers administered by Starbucks that the three sillies stumbled upon a wizard.

He asked for the eldest pixie's phone number.

Here the story ends ... at the greatest store ever! Sigh. If only the Night Elf Huntress could make this her dwelling ... but alas! Closing time is at 9.


Nixter said...

cute story. I love Starbucks. I have a built in Starbucks radar, which goes woo woo woo woo whenever I am near a Starbucks. As you can imagine this was clearly a problem for me in London, where they have Starbucks in the loos of Starbucks... woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo arhhhhh make it stop!

CraigS said...

Hmmm...methinks Christine is rather happy... ;-)

The Borg said...

Pixie in the pink shirt looks like Rachel Bilson (Summer in the OC).

Tall Elf and screaming mummy cracked me up! Hirarious!

ckhnat said...

oooo ... i forgot to tell you about the moment we were meandering down the street and saw some chick walking out of a store carrying a tiny dog.

"Lame! Shopping with your dog."

All of us rolled our eyes.

But the oldest pixie looked closer ... it was a KITTEN!

all of a sudden it was the most adorable site we had ever seen. How come we had never thought about going shopping while holding a kitty?!!

ckhnat said...

Craig - I am a very happy individual.

Jonny said...

All part of your research before reversing the trends of feminism I gather :)

Ruth said...

Cute story Christine.

mike said...

I loved the Mummy pic Christine. It's just the kind of thing I would have done lol

Bobby said...


Lorie said...

I like your hair longer. It looks very nice. :)

The Borg said...

I loved the Mummy pic Christine. It's just the kind of thing I would have done

Yeah, but if you did it Mike, patrons might mistake you for part of the curiosity museum.

huh! huh! huh!

/cheap shot/

ckhnat said...

oh ... believe me ... there was a crowd

Carmen said...

Oh christine, you makest me laugh. I miss ya!

Catherine said...

Is a Night Elf Huntress a huntress dedicated to hunting elves at night, or would an NEH be more like an elfin huntress who works exclusively after dark?

ckhnat said...

hmm ... good question ... only someone who plays World of Warcraft can answer that.

Chris said...

Or if you play Warcraft III ... sorry, I still can't get over the fact that they went all "online-gaming" on us with that new sequal. *grumbles because he can't afford the subscription*

Marian said...

When I first moved to Seattle (broke as a joke!), I played guitar and sang at the Market for bus money.

Did you see the gospel quartet that sings by the market? One of the men in that group paid me one of the highest compliments I've ever received:

"Girl, you can SING."


ckhnat said...

no ... but i DID see a string quartet ... 4 girls trying to pay their way through college ... from the look of it they had quite a wad of cash.

that's what we need to do Mike, to help you raise money ... the question is ... can you sing and play the guitar ... cuz i can't.