Tuesday, June 20, 2006

men get all gushy when they fall in love

This is an IM conversation I had earlier today:

friend says:
ha, i just heard [Ben Jelen's Christine] the other day. did you know there is also a Five Iron Frenzy song that mentions you?..

Christine says:
no ... i'll have to see if i can find it
what do you think ... is that one about me, too ... or some other chick with my name?
i can't find it
which song?

friend says:
ha, okay, so i have heard this song for years and thought the lyrics were "christine i miss you" but evidently it is "christie i miss you." The song is "Ugly Day."

I can't believe this ever happened,
I didn't think it ever could,
I'm the author of sappy love songs,
Trading in my bachelorhood.
Something snapped deep inside me,
Something that somebody said,
I felt the brush of angels wings then,
Your voice echoed in my head.

Ugly Day the sun is shining,
Every cloud's got a silver lining.
Ugly day the skies are blue,
Now every day is ugly without you.

Are the one pure thing,
That I've always prayed for.
Scales are falling from my eyes,
I must have been so blind before.
I would lie down on the street,
To keep the dust off of your feet,
I would kneel each time I kissed you,
Anything Christie I miss you.

Today was an ugly one,
Just like all the others.
All the flowers and the birds,
Making me feel smothered.
I would lie down on the street,
To keep the dust off your feet,
I would kneel each time I kissed you,
Anything Christine I miss you.

Christine says:
i always wondered that about guys
why do they get all gushy when they fall in love
it's as if ... bam! ... they all of a sudden wax eloquent
and feel a need to write poetry

friend says:
its the miracle of the inspirational muse.

Christine says:
hmm ... i'm not sure girls catch that same muse
i think they always have it
they dream of it ... etc.

friend says:
guys need inspiration. girls are it.

Christine says:
makes sense

What do you think? Why do guys get all eloquent when they fall in love?


Joe Fool said...

This guy says that girls are actually pretty fruity.

I do like the song though. FIF

Joe Fool said...

P.S. I am all but eloquent. I always get scared and chop all my sentances in half and dumb stuff like that.

byron said...

Do guys get all eloquent, or simply feel the need for eloquence?

sajini said...

I dont know why but its real cute and sweet!!!

Donners said...

I have some beautiful emails from our courting days. Its almost a shame we aren't apart sometimes so that I could have written memories of the beautiful things that my husband says to me....

Donners said...

as to whether men get more eloquent when they're in love, I don't know. I just asked my husband if he was so eloquent before he fell in love with me, he said "No".

But I don't think that's true :)

Maybe it's kind of like Byron says, they find something to wax lyrical about? The joy of finding someone with whom you can live your dreams is very inspiring.

We both got incredibly gushy!

mike said...

I think I need a bucket ;)... in fact two. One for me to be sick into and another to hit that guy over the head with...

Anonymous said...

So this guy likes you or what? Maybe he was trying to give you a hint

G. F. McDowell said...

I think it's because of witchcraft. I think women cast spells upon men that cause them to wear pink and write poetry.

Bobby said...

I'm not sure exactly why, but it's true. Women bring out the inner-poets in us.

ckhnat said...

you're just jealous, mike ... cuz you know you could never write such ethereal poetry ... ok, maybe it did smack a bit of cheddar ... no, it was more like cheese-in-a-can.

anonymous - i think you're reading into it.

Warren said...

I think that the problem is that guys don't appreciate gushiness. They have the ability to gush, but other guys don't like it. It takes a girl who appreciates gushiness for a guy to decide he's safe to gush.

Alex & Laura Beth said...

No, I agree with Mike. The lyrics are absolutely horrible and the music is even worse. Sorry to be so negative. Its probably the "music snob" coming out in me.

I think a man should still sound like a man when he writes love songs, not like a silly little girl. While I'm not a huge Coldplay fan, Chris Martin has a wonderful ability to write a beautiful love song and still maintain respectability.

That's just my two-cents, which really isn't worth anything, is it?

Alex & Laura Beth said...

Oh that was me, Laura Beth, that wrote that. Although I'm sure Alex would agree with me on this one.

ckhnat said...

ha ha ... no, i agree with you and Mike, Laura Beth. That's why i compared it with Cheez-Whiz ... bleh. I haven't heard the music myself.

Paul Dame said...

Do you consider the Song of Solomon "gushing"?

Donners said...

I didn;t want to say that I didn;t like the song, in case someone else did, particulalrly christine. It's not the best love poetry....

The real "hated" Anonymous, from posts of old said...

Yes the song is cheesy (most definitely the kind in a can), the band is fun and cheesy. Not the greatest in musical standards (sorry to all you high brow music connoisseurs) but just a bunch or guys and a girl having fun. And besides its an old high school song anyway. Mike, anonymous don't read into it, its just a song that happened to have christine's (or what sounded like) name in it. And Mike thanks for not hitting me in the head with you puke bucket.

CraigS said...

I watched the best cage fight on the weekend...

Haha - just mucking around (I did watch a good cage fight). Yes, I have been prone to extreme gushiness when I've fallen in love. As an adolescent I penned the odd bad love poem...

mike said...

Thread Jack. You don't need to be in love to write "gusy" poetry. Mike does "Gushy" Poetry.

ckhnat said...

Yea! I love my "hated" Anonymous! For all you Aussies, relatives of Jim the 3rd, and random chicks and guys across the globe, this is Anon. You haven't met him yet. He's one of my most favorite people ever!

Mike, it's a good thing you'll be in ministry and then maybe Bible college for a while before you're off to minister to Aboriginal communities ... you need that time to improve your eloquence before you can woo a lovely woman to join you. ... for instance, I'd stay away from rhyming "poo head" with "face so red."

Paul Dame - totally. not all gushiness is bad, just a bit difficult to understand for a single woman, like myself.

Lorie said...

I like it in small doses. Too much does take away from a guy's masculinity.

Donners said...

"I'd stay away from rhyming "poo head" with "face so red.""

Thanks Christine, he's deleting it from his poetry stash this minute! You saved the day!

ckhnat said...

I'm glad he has friends like you, Amy, to help him out.

RodeoClown said...

That song got me into FiF.
They are awesome (in fact, one could say they are the 'awsome-est'!

Depsite the chees, that song nearly brought me to tears.

I miss FiF.

RodeoClown said...

That should read 'cheese'.

Donners said...

"I'm glad he has friends like you, Amy, to help him out."

*Sigh* I'm working on it ;) I'm sure he can only benefit form honest female feedback :)

Ruth said...

I don't think guys get gushy because they're in love - I think they feel free to express it because they're in love...I think being in love with a girl and being loved in return, takes away a guy's vulnerability - he knows she won't laugh...

(or perhaps he's watched too much 'Dead Poet's Society'??)

Bethany said...

My hubby was never gushy... Where and how do you girls get them to be gushy? What's your secret?
And Christine, Jim the 3rd told me he wasn't anon. I figured I'd grill him, cause once the "hated" anon sounded like him... and Jim is my big brother.

ckhnat said...

nah ... jim doesn't know me THAT well.