Wednesday, June 14, 2006

waving at Australia

It wasn’t even lunchtime by the time we finished delivering the sewing machines to the women at the half-way house.

“Fern, are we going to drive up to Bremerton and take the ferry over to Seattle, now?”

Fern turned around to see my impish, twinkling eyes. “Are you saying you want to take the long way home?”

“Oh, please!”

“Would you like to see the ocean?”

I feel like I’ve been hanging out with old women since I got here. Fern, Fran, and Gieve … we’re like a club. On the way to the ocean I asked Gieve (who is 88 years old) if she brought her bikini.

Tee hee … no, I passed that stage of my life 70 years ago! But then again I never wore a bikini then either …

No, I don’t suppose women wore bikinis in the 1930s and 1940s.

So, I saw the Pacific Ocean today (again). Amanda can vouch for me … I wasn’t waving at any hot surfer dudes … I was waving to all my friends in Australia.


The Borg said...

Hey, you can see Australia - on the horizon! Amazing.

ckhnat said...

maps are always so distorted

Chris said...

On some maps, it's only six or so inches to Australia! I didn't think that it'd take fifteen hours to fly six inches, but it turns out that it does. Silly me.

Ruth said...

That's a lovely photo Christine. I would like to visit there.

byron said...

Ruth - You want to wave Australia goodbye too? Surely we're not that bad... :-)

Donners said...

it is a great pictuire, thanks for waving :)

And all your soccer support :)

mike said...

Could she have been waving at me? Does she like me.... maybe?