Sunday, June 18, 2006

the fan

ckhnat 2006

Disclaimer: You know those annoying fans that stalk their favorite band? I’m not one of those.

The first thing I did when I knew that it was certain I’d be flying out here to the Northwest was to look up Late Tuesday’s concert schedule.

June 17 – Marysville’s Strawberry Festival.

Strawberries? Excellent music? Sounds like the recipe for a fantastic day … or a great birthday gift to myself.

I woke up at six to beautiful rays of sunshine streaming through my window. It was a sign! (The odd thing about Washington is that whenever a patch of sunshine reveals itself someone in a crowded building can look out the window and point, “Look! Sun!” People have been trampled in the mass attempt to exit the building to enjoy the fleeting bit of sun … even if it was only around for mere seconds.)

Sadly, it was difficult to find a strawberry among all the hullabaloo at the festival.

Anyway … I highly recommend their latest album … even if Nathan isn’t their manager anymore … After the concert, no one was really hanging around so I went up to talk to the girls while they were taking down their equipment. Ha! It was wonderful to find out that the artists behind the lyrics that so spoke my own heart’s thoughts were as wonderful in person as I imagined them to be.

Jocelyn, Tara, and Dana are each magnificent girls. (roll eyes) I’m not just saying that from a few second conversation while getting them to sign my CD cover.

No, the girls ASKED if they could eat lunch with me. Later, we went to the outlet mall together. (No, I wasn't stalking them. "Hey! Imagine seeing you girls here!")


Martha said...

Was it really your birthday?

ckhnat said...

Indeed, June 15.

Martha said...

Well, Happy Birthday, albeit a little late. June is a month of many celebrations (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Father's Day, and graduations). Today is my son's 16th birthday and tomorrow is our 25th wedding anniversay. Our kids threw us a surprise party yesterday!

Priscilla said...

Happy Birthday!

Donners said...

yes, happy brithday!

Marian said...

Hey I used to live in Marysville. I hate it there. People aren't neighborly, the outlet mall and the traffic it brings is horrible, the casino signifies despair, and the divide between the Indian population and "everyone else" is deplorable.

But glad that you got to see your band. It's always nice to connect with artists you like. Good thing your experience was pleasant.