Thursday, June 15, 2006


Lost ...

You can say that again. I don’t know where I belong. I’m here at a church that has a total of eight youth and already has three youth workers! I feel useless, except for my warm body that is only needed to act as a chaperone on the occasional youth outing.


So, I decided to become proactive.

“Pastor Dan?”

“What is it, Kious?”

“I really long to use the gifts and calling the Lord has given me for His honor and glory. I want to help with the youth … I really do. But you’ve already got three youth workers … plus, Amanda. What if I led a midweek Bible study for women? A study that concentrated on a different woman of the Bible each session focusing on God’s grace in each of their lives. I see it becoming an evangelistic opportunity where the study could meet in one of the women’s homes and they could invite their non-Christian friends to a non-threatening environment where they can see the Gospel not only taught each time but also lived through the lives of each of the women.”

How could a pastor say ”no” …


The Borg said...

Did he give reasons?? Because that sounds like a great idea!

ckhnat said...

no no no ... He said, "YES!"

The first lesson is tomorrow night!

Priscilla said...


Great news! I love to hear about these things! Tell us more!

Warren said...

I was hoping that was a "How could he refuse?" rather than a "How on earth could he have said no?" at the end. Excellent!!