Tuesday, June 13, 2006

International House of Pancakes

ckhnat 2006

“What kind of food do you enjoy eating, Kious?”

This is after making a face when someone mentioned McDonalds or some other death trap.

“Oh, fruits … and vegetables … and oh, anything really … especially ethnic foods … anything that’s well-prepared I can appreciate.”

“What about fast food?”

“Salads are fast.”

Then we had our youth worker’s meeting to go over the summer calendar at IHOP.

Grease. Pancakes. Sausages. Bacon. Eggs. Syrup.

Bleh. Too much.

Is it odd to plan to go see the midnight viewing of Pirates of the Caribbean II as an official church youth event?

Just wondering.


Carmen said...

Well, Kious, your summer seems to be simply amazing! How exciting. I enjoy reading about your adventures over there...i leave for Greece this saturday morning, maybe I'll have a few to share with my blog audience...Are you going by your middle name over there? If so, that's really interesting, because I decided a couple of weeks ago to go by middle name in Greece. It fits in better...I need all the help I can get. Just call me Eleni. I'm sure they'll laugh. white girl + greek name = funny.

mike said...

Sounds like you are pretending to be a hippie chick.... ;) Embrace the carnal side of life.

Re: POC II depends how you pitch it...

ckhnat said...

you mean the "carnivorous side of life"?

Marian said...

Well, if you do go to Seattle, I can recommend something very delicious, since you hate fast food... :-)

Donners said...

Christine, I hope he meant the carnivorous side of life...
mike, maybe you should just pretend you meant that, even if you didn't ;)

Carnal has some...*ahem* other connotations...