Friday, June 16, 2006

slang flashcards

“Kious, you have a birthday package.”

I took the parcel out of the pastor’s nieces hands and looked at the return address. January! Ahhhh! How sweet!

I ripped open the wrapping to discover a box of Slang Flashcards! Brilliant. Each looked like those goofy elementary school flashcards with the vocabulary word on the one side and then the definition, example sentence, and picture on the other side.

They provided several minutes of pure entertainment.

Imagine, if you will a 90s black and white clip art picture of a grandmother hugging a grandpa who is beaming at a birthday cake lit with candles.

The word is: Yo.

Sample sentence: "Yo! After all these years, you’re still my mack daddy!"


ckhnat said...

Two business women speaking over a desk.

"The Tupperware party tomorrow night is going to be *mad crunk*."

Katie said...

HA I want those cards.

and Happy Birthday.