Monday, June 12, 2006

typical Southern Baptists

Amanda (my summer missions partner) and Kious (me)

“Good Morning.”

“Good Morning!” (congregation)

“Please turn in your hymnals to ‘Only Believe.’”

The congregation began flipping through the pages of the hymnal as the pianist and organist began the introduction. I took a breath to join in the singing exactly when a strange noise erupted behind me.

I winced, mind racing to label what makes a noise like that.

My eyes opened wide … a harmonica!

Someone behind me had whipped out his harmonica to join the music.

These older people are so adorable.


ckhnat said...

too many people "Only Believe."

not enough *live* the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ruth said...

You have been so prolific! Glad to hear how things are going.

Priscilla said...

My father would love that church!

Rabby said...

Hnat! I love me some harmonica. An now I got a new post up on my blog an all. So go look into it. You an all a your'n frends.

j.wo said...


My lady, I pray that you are having a life-changing experience out West. It's not the same w/out you here, but it helps to know that it's just for a time. :)

I'm looking forward to hearing all about your time in Washington when you return, so be prepared for several hours of conversation w/ ME when you get back, and I'll keep you well supplied w/ coffee and tea for the duration. :)

All my love!