Saturday, June 03, 2006

prayer request

I had every reason to believe I'd be teaching high school art at a local Christian school beginning this August (except for a signed contract). I just received word from the principal *today* that the woman who taught it last year, but left for personal reasons, has decided to return to her position. My services are no longer needed.

I was disappointed. I was so looking forward to teaching art again.

But that's not the worst of it.

My lease on the apartment depends on the occupants' combined salary equalling at least three times the amount of the monthly rent. The current lease ends at the end of June. The three of us don't qualify ... not without my job.

Sure I could get a job at Starbucks ... but I leave on TUESDAY for the Pacific Northwest!

I will not return till the beginning of August.

My stuff stays ... I leave.

Please pray for me.

God is faithful ... He's proven that to me time and again. I have so many stories to tell of how He has provided for me in *impossible* moments ... not because I deserved it ... I am a sinner deserving of nothing!

Plus, my dad *and* my pastor's wife said ... "It's not like you haven't been through something like this before." (aka. have a job lined up and ready to move to a new place, 3 days before flying to new place get a call to say that the school i'd be teaching at is closing, arrive in the city with *nothing* on a Saturday. By God's grace, signed a contract with another school on Tuesday. Moved into an apartment on Thursday. and visited my next church home that Sunday.)

God is good all the time.

I need wisdom and discernment, however.

If there is any sin in me, Lord, and I am blinded toward it ... search me, O God ... reveal my iniquities to me so that I may confess and repent. Guide me and direct my steps so that I may share the glory of what you have done in my life with others. May I use my home to administer hospitality and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. May all who enter find peace and hope. You are the Lord of this home.



Donners said...

Am praying. I find those sorts of things terrifying, personally, but then I remember that Peter said that our faith ( which is worth more than gold) is proved genuine through trials...

I am sure you will have a LOT of prayer through this blog too :)

CraigS said...


Priscilla said...

I will pray too.

sajini said...

will be praying for you

Nixter said...

will pray :)

Ruth said...

Reached any decisions yet?

ckhnat said...

update: filling out the application for the lease right now.

God is good. All the time.

Donners said...