Saturday, June 17, 2006

charity and UFOs

Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's.

Ministries that lack proper funding break my heart. Today we went out to a women's home to help renovate a couple of the rooms. Driving up to the property the facilities were positively gorgeous! What a blessing to have such space and beauty! But upon closer inspection, the ministry would be better served if the entire facility was stripped down and completely re-built. It is a complete wreck!

And ... ahh ... what they could do with a new building!

Shame on me for pinching my pennies when it comes to furthering of the Gospel! Made me want to go on a mad rampage like Christ in the temple.

... oh, and I no longer believe that Mt. Rainier is a UFO, hovering in and out of clouds at whim like a mythical space craft. I saw it today. My bad.

Julie, an old chum from my college days, lives in Olympia and we both enjoyed the site of the distant mountain's snowy peak bathed in rose-colored rays of the sunset as we drove into town. But obviously not enough to take a picture ... so, this picture I took of the state capitol building will have to suffice.
ckhnat 2006

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