Saturday, February 04, 2006

walking in the clouds with my eyes on the earth

dreamt last night
beautiful horrible

living a fairytale
walking in the midst of enchanted forests
talking with giants and elves

a mere dream not real
figments of my imagination not real
not real


revel in it abhor it
embrace it flee it

can't wake up still sleeping

beautiful horrible


Bobby said...

"Beautiful horrible." I like that phrase. That was inspired. I'm jealous.

Dawn said...

I think the same way sometimes. My head is never in a place where it needs to be. I wonder though...what could I accomplish if my thoughts were rightly focused on what needed to be done, and on the other hand, what would life be like without a world of imagination...

ckhnat said...

mmm ... that wasn't so much the case ... it's funny "beautiful horrible" ... that feeling has been following me all day ... perhaps it's been there longer only to be realized by this dream. it was an ethereal feeling. i was living in the moment ... but my mind ... my mind knew that it couldn't be so. if anyone had seen me, they would have been thinking i was having the time of my life. but in my mind i kept telling myself, "it's not real. it's not real." this beautiful dream was actually a nightmare.