Sunday, February 05, 2006

real futball

For a look at real futball, click here .

Oh ... and GO SEATTLE!!!


G. F. McDowell said...

You know, I never understood why American Football is even called, "football," but I understand even less how it is that a bunch of men running around kicking at a ball could cause the hysteria and antisocial behavior I observed in the UK. Rugby, on the other hand, an inherently more physical sport, followed by a very similar demographic, doesn't seem to have this problem. Maybe I'm just up too late.

Jugador de Futbol said...

that was an awesome clip of moves. A couple of my favorite players are on there. I think I will post it on my blog also. Thanks.

This guy above, unfortunately, does not understand the grace, flow and rhythm of soccer. No timeouts, no plays, no commercials, and no nonsense. Soon, very soon, Americans will start to come around. It is coming!