Thursday, February 16, 2006

Spargel Appreciation Day - 02/14/06

The first annual Spargel Appreciation Day was a great success. Handfuls of Southern Seminary students proudly paraded around campus with their token spear of Asparagus in they hands, in their suit coat pocket, in their headband, or poking out of their bookbags. Others not aware of the festive holiday flagged down the instigator of the day and wanted to know what it was all about.

"Well, let me tell you a little about the history. It all began ... two days ago."

Since I was not permitted to take part in an alternate holiday that generally occurs on the same day of the year, I was determined not to be left out. I would not roam the campus, SADdened by my single status ... what could I do? What could I do for those who may also feel left out? Then, out of partial inspiration from a friend, I determined to create my own holiday. No longer would February 14th brand unmarried individuals with a scarlet "S". There was no need for singles to mope around campus ... especially, when they had a new reason to celebrate.

Spargel Appreciation Day!

(Spargel is the German word for "Asparagus".)

So the night of the 13th, I sat in my living room preparing little goodies too hand out to my friends. Images of signing lame valentine cards with pictures of Daffy Duck on them flooded my memory. Shame for having not had the innovation to think of getting my mom to make individualized cakes for each of my classmates for the 5th grade class Valentine party tugged at my heart as I remembered not being the one with the coolest cards or treats.

No, tomorrow would be different. People would remember February, 14, 2006 and smile. Each time they ate Asparagus after that monumental date, they would say, "Back in '06 there was a girl at the seminary who passed out spears of Asparagus with red bows tied around them. Each one had a tag with a Fun Fact on it. It was weird. But memorable." And then they will sink into a daydream of remembrance.

Happy SAD!


Jim the 3rd said...

I'm trying to decide whether that is cool or weird. Anyways, remember Micah Colbert? Check out this picture from when we were roommates: (On my blog)

ckhnat said...

you mean the guy on the left? Ha! yeah, i remember him. Someone actually asked him to take me to Fine Arts once. good times.

Carmen said...

Christine, that's great. I love it. I may celebrate it next year...or have a belated spargel appreciation day...but the "holiday" wasn't sad for mom gave me candy. That's all I need!

Kenan said...

Gl├╝ckliches Spargelstag!

Lorie said...

"...they hands,..."

I didn't know you spoke ebonics! Wow, you ARE a woman of many talents. :)

ckhnat said...

i'm going to leave it there ... just for you, Lorie.