Saturday, September 17, 2005

lost my socks

I don't know where they are. I walked into Target with them on ... but when I left ... my socks were nowhere to be seen.

I was walking around getting a few "un"necessities when I sat down to try on a pair of shoes that I knew would probably be too small for me. Then ... out of nowhere he appeared ... the Sprite of Awkward Handwringing.

"Excuse me, miss. My buddies and I are on a scavenger hunt ... would you mind if I took your socks?"

"You want my socks?"


"For good?"

"um, Yes."

"I'm warning you ... they don't smell sweet and fresh anymore."

"That's alright."

I handed them over and *poof* he disappeared as quickly as he came.

So, there I sat ... sockless. "Well, I guess I'll go see what sort of cool, fun socks Target has to offer today."

And wouldn't you know it ... they had green/blue striped knee-high socks!


toothpaste in toronto said...

YEAH, toothpaste for dinner!!!!

Carmen said...

So what happened to your socks? Or do I have to wait two weeks to see you and find out?

Lisa said...

That is a fabulous story and absolutely random...hhmmm.

Of all places, it would happen in Target.

Just for the sake of useless information, I actually have a pair of lovely green and white striped socks with pink toes that just make me smile when I wear them.

Thanks for sharing your sock story and keeping things

Kristin said...

Sounds like a good excuse to buy a new pair of fun socks! :) I don't wear shoes often enough to buy fun socks (flips-flops) but I do have the random pair that I got as a gift

j.wo said...

GREEN AND BLUE KNEE-HIGH SOCKS! My room-mate would eat those up! Are they still there?

I'm getting some...

rosco_johnson said...

YES! Little kid pics rock. Nice ride by the way. :D

Heather said...

Awww....your profile picture's adorable. And it's not everyone who can say they donated their socks for the good of another person, especially when you consider the risk of things like frosbite and blisters. Fantastic story. :)