Thursday, September 01, 2005

sensory override that makes you go limp

I remember when I first experienced it. It was at the World's Fair in 2000 in Hannover, Germany (my home). Whoa! The memory just sends shivers down my spine ...

It had been a long day for Jeanna (the youth intern at Faith Baptist in Kaiserslautern) and I supervising a handful of the American teenagers who had come up from southern Germany to our fair town of nearby Celle. They were there to help us conduct a week long Bible Club for the British military children. I had heard stories of the wonders to be experienced at World Fairs of years gone by. But so far I had been thoroughly unimpressed and disappointed. That's Hungary's pavilion?! It looks like a giant wooden bowl! Why is there nothing but rocks in Ireland's pavilion? What is this line for again?

Finally when we had seen all that a human individual could possibly stand in one day, we made the mistake of sitting down. Exhaustion that I had suppressed for hours overtook my being. Meeting up with the rest of our group in fifteen minutes to leave the park was very low on my priority list ... I was preparing myself to inform them that I know the way home. I'll just take a train. I need to just lay here for an hour or two.

"Turn around," said Jeanna.

"Huh? Why?"

"Just do it!"

Doubtful, I turned my back to her.

Then the sensations began. After it was all over, I felt like I had no skeletal system anymore, nor did I care. The world was at peace and all was good. I was a new person.

Her secret remains with me, but occasionally I'll share the skill passed onto me to some weary, worn, frustrated soul. There's very little that a session of digging my "spiderfingers" into one's back can't heal. Okay, maybe not heal. But you'll definitely forget about everything else in the world. Who cares about the rising price of gas?!

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Pumping in Pensacola said...

Rising price of gas? Glad we never experience that, but you wouldn't know it by everyone lining up at the station for hours. However those "spiderfingers" sounds nice.