Thursday, April 27, 2006

you choose the topic

so ... what do you wanna talk about?

i dunno ... what do you wanna talk about?

i dunno.

me, neither.

So ... have at it. Ask questions. Post a link. Start a controversy. Keep it interesting.

oh ... ha ... actually I will say this ... I was looking through a small journal that I keep around just for jotting down notes as I think of them. As I flipped through the pages I noticed a single line that read,

"spread lies of terror and destruction!"

it wasn't crossed out. So if it was to do list ... i must not have gotten around to it.

p.s. - Good morning, Australia!


CraigS said...

Good morning Christine...

Nothing controversial to talk about at the moment. Perhaps you could tell us about Sproul...

Ruth said...

After I just told Craig I wasn't going to comment today - I can't help myself!!!

Good morning. It is an absolutely glorious day here. I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but we are in Autumn. It is still lovely and warm (in the daytime).

Mornings like this remind me of Psalm 19 - 'the heavens declare the glory of God' etc..

My poor boys, I made them all come and watch the sunset with me yesterday - and told them all about that Psalm - isn't God amazing! They were duly impressed - nice kids.

I'd like to hear about Sproul too.

John Dekker said...

Conspiracy theories are always good. :)

It occurred to me recently that with conspiracy theories, you don't have to remember dates:

- John Lennon died in 1984.

- Don't be silly - he died in 1980.

- Ha! That's what they want you to believe!

CraigS said...

lol - good one JD.

Ruth, it is a beautiful day in Sydney. I walked to work this morning...

Also, I saw your eldest in the new church DVD last night - very cute!

The Borg said...

And Bob Brown isn't really gay. (If you don't know who Bob Brown is, go read my blog. He is someone important.) In fact, he's married. I saw him with his wife.

Of course, the fact that he might be lying about the whole gay thing casts doubt on the whole environmental thing. Is Bob Brown really working for the good of Australia's environment? Are those ariel photographs of razed forests real or just phot0-chopped fakes??

I'm interested in the little things. Tell us about the weather there. Is spring good? What's your house like? Do you have flatmates? Have you tried Cadbury's chocolate (which is superior to Hershey's in every way except for bittersweet)?

Other questions: What kind of church is yours? What's the demogragh? What kind of subcultures did the people come from before they were apart of your church? Do the church members have ecclectic views on periphery issues such as evolution or hat-wearing? (yes I know I will cause controversy by calling them periphery)

And one last question: Do you know any Aussies (in person)?

Oh, and since I live very far away from where Ruth and Craig live, the weather is different here. Cool and cloudy. But still with that Autumn smell/vibe. And still something to praise God for.

Ruth said...

It is starting to look cloudy here too. A bit sad, as I'm about to head out for the day.

I'd like to know the answers to 'the borg's' questions too.

Craig, I haven't seen the DVD yet but AB told me about JB in it. He is a gorgeous boy - so earnestly trust and loves God.

DB saw a photo of you on my computer and pointed saying 'big boy's daddy'!! My boys love your kids.

CraigS said...

I'm glad - my boys enjoy yours as well! They are beautiful little kids. We'll have to come around for another game of cricket soon.

Oh, and I bought your Dads new book yesterday. Looks very good.

Why we are going all the way to Gerogia to have this conversation, I'm not sure... ;-)

John Dekker said...

The Borg: yes I know I will cause controversy by calling them periphery

You certainly will - I hate it when people confuse nouns and adjectives.

ckhnat said...

Sproul - God's holiness and justice

Lev. 10 and strange fire

cause of death - immediate manifestation of the wrath of God

Gospel Worship by Jeremiah Burroughs

Jonathan Edwards and Uzzah ... spiritual pride

Character of God's holiness and justice.

God's pleasure is always good.

God forbid that we expect AND demand God's grace.

(the link to the audio isn't up yet) ... i'll let you know.

ckhnat said...

Ruth, you're obsessed. It's time you get your own blog. This isn't healthy.

But I would miss it if you didn't come by.

Ooo ... I wonder if Ruth wrote anything while I was away?!!

ckhnat said...

weather - positively splendid. i'll have to post a couple of pictures I took recently. Beautiful clear days. Smell of flowers in the air. Gorgeous walks. Sparkling sunshine.

house - i live in a town house (two floors) and a community pool.

flatmates - all three of us go to the same church. i took the place of one girl who went off and got married to some guy who asked her out on her blog. they were all from Texas.

Cadbury's chocolate - mmm, itsaight. can't beat dark swiss chocolate, though. This Hershey's that you speak of ... could it be that dark wax substance that masquerades as chocolate?

Church - Sojourn Community

demographic - 20s and 30s

subcultures - an unreached people group - artists

Ecclectic views - The teaching elder and worship elder differ on their views on the age of the earth (young v. old). no one cares if hats are worn. My pastor will go out for a beer with a couple of his "mates" during the week. For our 5th anniversary our church held a black & white costume dance. On issues of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood we take a firm stand. The preaching elder is gifted in making each of his sermons applicable for both the milk drinker and the meat eater. There is a beautiful balance in Biblical teaching and community service. Using art for God's glory is highly valued. Because we are so different, however, some conservative groups look down on us. But I have noticed that some of us have problems with judging the conservatives. Accusing them of being cookie cutters. But are we? Young, creative, artsy ... are we all in a way the same?

Aussies - Yes ... well, no ... well kind of ... her parents were American missionaries living in Perth. We were fellow artist friends in college ... beautiful girl, unique.

ckhnat said...


CraigS said...

Dunno where I got Georgia from...

Kentucky right?

I was in the states a couple of years ago and saw a little of the South (well, Texas and Lousisianna). Wish I'd seen more.

I was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, however - that was an amazing couple of days. Glad I got to see it before NO was wiped out...

CraigS said...

Since we are showing home pages, here is my churches. It is a little long in the tooth now - we are giving it a face lift soon.

Christians in the Media

ckhnat said...

Okay, now it's everyone else's turn to answer Shiloh's (the Borg's) questions:




Cadbury's chocolate




Ecclectic views

Aussies (or for you folks from Oz ... Norwegians?)

John Dekker said...

My church even has a Wikipedia entry. Not that it says much.

We did have a Norwegian exchange student playing on our church soccer team several years back.

CraigS said...


Pleasantly cool autumn weather


A live on my own in a 2 bedroom house with a nice little courtyard in the inner west of Sydney. You can see the Harbour Bridge from the end of my street


3 young men once a fortnight.

Cadbury's chocolate



Christians In the Media/Annandale Community Church. An Anglican church focused on media workers and also the inner west.


Of church? Families in the morning with some oldies. Mostly 20-something in the evening.


Lots of media workers. Journalists, producers, editors, cameramen, writers, directors, actors etc.

Ecclectic views

Nah, pretty normal

Aussies (or for you folks from Oz ... Norwegians?)

Yeah, I know one chick who currently lives in Norway...

Lurking in the shaddows said...


I can't believe that Christine is trying to fool everybody by saying that she doesn't know any Aussies! I happen to have inside information that Christine is PRACTICALLY Australian herself! Her adopted sister, Nicki, is Australian.

She must be trying to lull you into believing that she is totally clueless about things Australian, and then turn the tables on you while you are not looking.

By the way, do any of you really believe that Christine is really even American? Did you see her ears in the photo she posted a few days ago? Did you happen to notice that the photo was suddenly deleted and replaced? Did that make you wonder? Maybe the question is not "who is she?" but "WHAT is she?"

CraigS said...


The Borg said...

You'd have to be a pretty bitter ex-Christian to manufacture all this...

The Borg said...

How could you have an adopted sister whose nationality (not country of birth) was different to yours? That isn't logical.

You're the fraud, Lurking in the Shadows...

Although I withold judgment until Christine speaks out.

ckhnat said...

The SHAME of being exposed ...

ckhnat said...

If there isn't a God, who carried Stephen Colbert on that beach?

What do you guys think?

(Don't assume Stephen is of saving faith. He's a secular comedian playing a part. Just don't assume, k?)

The Borg said...

The possibilites are endless...

Calvinistix said...
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ckhnat said...

THANKS A LOT, "lurker"

You have just opened the pain of old wounds. My family and I have tried to put this behind us over the past years. Nicki was last seen in the vicinity of a military facility. Our family has been devestated. We've questioned friends. The last time they heard anything, she was in London. Now ... now ... we don't even know if she's alive or dead. We have moved on.

But thanks to your rude, insensitive, meddling into my family's past, we must now deal with these feelings once more.

As to my origins ... that's none of your business.

ckhnat said...

okay ... maybe not devestated. We're actually okay. We can't even remember Nicki's last name, really. We do wonder occassionally if she ever got married, though.

Calvinistix said...

I'm so sorry, Miss Christine. I can't figure out why anyone would do that to you. What cowardice! Prayers dispatched for you and your family.

Priscilla said...

I have some friends who are church planting in Melbourne. You can check out their link on my blogsight...although they are being boring lately and not making new posts.
They are there helping a couple-Ruth and Collin (native Australians) who interned at my church a few years ago.

Mmmmm-Cadbury's chocolate! Yum!

Laura said...

Wait, wait!! Can I start a Tim-Tams vs. Penguins battle with all you folks from Oz? Or maybe take a poll. Which variety of Tim-Tam is the best?

I once ordered 4 packets online, and paid double the cost for shipping.

ckhnat said...

At 10 a.m. (midnight ... Oz time), I have an interview to teach high school art part time.

(i'd appreciate your prayers. this is something i would LOVE to do again.)

CraigS said...

I thought you were at seminiary full time?

ckhnat said...

Yes ... but God knows what the future holds.

CraigS said...


The Borg said...

Hey Christine, I'm really sorry to have made such careless remarks in light of the horrible event that actually happened to you and your family. That must be very sad for you.

ckhnat said...

no interview ... post-poned till Monday.

no worries, Shiloh.

Lurking in the Shaddows said...

Dear Blog-readers,

In response to your reactions to my previous post . . .

First off, let me say that I am totally crazy, and whatever I say should reflect in no way on the writer of "I'd rather laugh than cry."

Now that I have cleared that up, I have to admit that I am a relative of ckhnat. When she wrote her April 26 blog, entitled "you choose the topic," she indicated that she didn't really have a topic. She implored readers to "Start a controversy. Keep it interesting." So, I thought I would give it a try.

Then, when I read the friendly comments by her readers, including by "the borg" asking whether ckhnat actually knows any Aussies in person, and ckhnat's waffling response, I realized that it had slipped her mind that a very close family friend is actually Australian. She was such a close friend that she was dubbed an "adopted daughter" of our family. Then, she got a new job, moved away, and unfortunately dropped off of the family radar. That is why ckhnat forgot to mention her.

Speaking of forgetting, when I decided to use this "inside joke" to jog her memory, I must have forgotten that irony, sarcasm (both recently discussed in this blog), and inside jokes don't communicate very well in blogdom. I am sorry to have caused such a ruckus here, but I must say that your compassionate responses ckhnat's supposed family tragedy was very kind. You must be the best blog readers in the world! Please forgive my misguided first attempt at commenting on ckhnat's blog.

CraigS said...

No problems "shadows"...I rather suspected it was a joke. Cheers!

John Dekker said...

It's always dangerous to write a blog post encouraging readers to spread lies of terror and destruction... people can no longer distinguish between truth and fiction. Hey, even The Borg got caught...

Keep on posting, LITS.

PS Is the double-d intentional? ;)

The Borg said...

Yes, but the decision matrix yielded "believe", because imagine how much more foolish I would have looked had I disbelieved and it was true!

I haven't done the meme yet, so I shall.

weather: It's a cold stary night.

house: Two-storey mud-brick and timber house that my dad built.

flatmates: My parents and cat who sort of acts as an emotional go-between.

Cadbury's chocolate: Yes please. Although Lindt is better. Dark is best, but I'll take whatever. This is also my preference with regards to guys. No, just kidding.

Church: Crossroads Presbyterian Church. Church plant/ split (depending on who you talk to) from an older Pressy church in Hobart.

demographic: 20's, plus a few older ones

subcultures: Urban dwellers, workers, uni students, alternative types, nerdy types.

Ecclectic views: Infant baptism, hat wearing, exegesis of the sermon on the mount, the extent of women's leadership (praying up the front? writing in the church's mag "regurgitator"?)

No issues regarding dancing, movies, TV, music etc... Or maybe there are, but no one ever talks to me about it because they think I'm too far gone. ;)

Aussies (or for you folks from Oz ... Norwegians?): No, but I wish I did, I hear they are hot. ;)

John Dekker said...

Church plant/ split (depending on who you talk to)

*smile* (or *grimace* - depends on who you talk to.)

Oh, and if you're into decision matrices, you might be interested in this book.

ckhnat said...

double d, J.D.? what do you speak of?

decision matrix - a magic 8 ball might be more economical than those internet $29.99 per month internet decision matrix scams. i personally stay away from them.

; )

plant/split ... ah yes, all too familiar with the phenomenon.

John Dekker said...

Double-d as in shaddows.

plant/split ... ah yes, all too familiar with the phenomenon.

'Cept that with Crossroads Presbyterian, I was there at the time. :(

CraigS said...

Infant baptism


though not really surprising in a presy church...

mike said...

An interesting thread... no sign of me though... Well I love you anyway