Friday, April 21, 2006

brian regan

I remember when my guy pals in college would throw in odd statements here and there during lunch and then they'd all bust up laughing. Always one to enjoy a laugh, myself, I was frustrated. They made no sense. Until that blessed day when I heard it for myself.

Here's the man in action.


Matthew said...

Brian is the best in the biz and works clean. The worst he ever does is say "hell", which by todays' standard of comedian, is like Billy Graham doing comedy.

If you haven't bought his DVD yet (I walked on the Moon), you need to, because it's ridiculously hilarious.

I've got over 5 hours of his material (yeah, some of it is bootleg) and I still can't get enough!

If I don't stop talking now, I might start to cry.

Matthew said...

Oo! And I see you love the Colbert Report as well! Wow. I don't even know you but I know you are one cool girl!

I found your site through Tom's A Journey Seeking. I'll check back more often.

Lisa said...

Christine, it pleases me to see that you have finally been exposed to the quotable Brian Regan. D, J, and I, quote him with daily frequency...Brian Regan for every occasion!

I will have to get you a CD of more of his stuff. Have you been to his website?

ckhnat said...

HA HA ... silly ... I've listened to Bryo7q longer than you've been in college!

"You too ..."

j.wo said...

(Ear-piercing gleeful scream)

CHRISTINE! I didn't know you are a "Brian Regan" fan! Oh, what joy! Oh, this inexpressible bliss!

That's it: from now on, I'm greeting you w/ a "Brian quote" of the day...

Donna said...


ckhnat said...

Take Luck ... You, Too!

Anonymous said...


I noticed you posted a link to a Brian Regan bit from my web site, I'm glad you liked the bit - he's my favorite comedian!

For future reference, I'd appreciate it if instead of linking directly to MP3 files, if you could put a link to the main page or to the downloads page - that helps ensure that people know how to enjoy all of Brian Regan's stuff I put up (for free) and assists me with download tracking. It can get expensive to serve up big files! :-)

Take Luck!
Tait, Brian's biggest fan (arguably)