Friday, April 28, 2006

Cultivating Beauty Film Festival

Saturday, April 29 Film Festival

Kentucky Theater on 4th St., Louisville, KY

Moving Pictures art exhibit in theater lobby.

2:00 Doors Open

2:30 Viewing of Previous Years Winners:
Wooden Man by Sean Fawbush
Hope by James R. Suthard
Transportation: The Airplane by Alex O’Nan

3-5:00 Showing 2006 Films:
1. A Wacky Look at Art Etiquette by Rubin J. Moreno (5 min 38 sec)
2. Dudes Being Awesome by Kyle Noltemeyer (12 min)
3. Christian by Stuart Hazeldine (18 min 52 sec) Non-entry
4. You Are A Conductor by Alex ONan (3 min 49 sec)
5. The Man With The Red Hat by John Russell Cring (15 min)
6. Balance by Will Hartstock (4 min 10 sec) Non-entry

4-4:15 Break

4:15-5:00 Showing 2006 Films:

7. The Pitch by Tom Holby & Nick Marrinucci** (11 min)
8. Fred Astaire's Got Nothin' On Me by Rubin J. Moreno (13 min 8 sec)
9. Glitches & Dropped Frames by Sean Fawbush (12 min)
10. I Got The Headache by William Wallace (5 min) Non-entry

5-6:00 Break

6-6:45 Lecture by Vin Morreale

6:50-8:30 Showing 2006 Films:

11. Ordinary Life by Tyler Deeb (29 min)
12. The Package by Jeffery McLeid** (8 min 30 sec)
13. Kiss A Cloud by Austin Blair & John Coulter** (6 min)
14. Moments In Motion: A Conversation on Life and Death by Ed Marcelle** (15 min)
15. Oscar's Mother by Brian Cunningham** (12 min)
16. Ninjas Are Two Sweet by Thomas Bernardin (15 min)
17. Justice Is a Blessing by William Wallace & Bryan Miller** (6 min 30 sec) Non-entry

9:00 Presentation of 2006 Sojourn Film Festival Winners

9:15 Second Showing of 2006 Winners & “Justice Is a Blessing by William Wallace & Bryan Miller

**Mature Subject films


The Borg said...

Looks like cool stuff happens in Kentucky. :)

sajini said...

Who knew???

Carmen said...

Speaking of cool stuff...i'm gonna see Nickel Creek tonight! Thought i'd make you jealous, but i see you've got plenty of cool things to do, too!