Sunday, April 23, 2006

exploding face and crocodiles

I normally do not dream. However, last night I dreamt that I was reading articles. Reading, underlining, raising eyebrows, scribbling notes in the margins, reading, looking up Scripture passages, scanning, reading ...

It was like I was awake ...

Why can't I have cool dreams where my face explodes into hundreds of floating spheres?

Maybe it's because I live such a "cool" life. Who wouldn't want to read articles out of pure enjoyment!?!

All you people out there who have gripping night visions ... I don't envy you because I don't know what I'm missing. My most captivating dream I've ever had was actually a recurring one.

My father and I had finally snuck into the castle. Knight Daddy took my hand as we ran from room to room, conquering obstacle after obstacle, my little princess feet barely touching the ground as we hurried along. We were almost to the chamber where Queen Mommy was being held. We only had to get through the room of Crocodiles and Alligators. Daddy held my hand as we made our way over the narrow, slick, slimy walls that separated the eight pools of vicious reptiles that snapped at our ankles. And then ...

Knight Daddy's foot slipped on a wet stone and down he went on one knee ... but his other leg fell into the water ... it was quickly devoured in a boiling mess of hungry crocs.

We never rescued the Queen.

I was five.


The Borg said...

Have you psychoanalysed the dream?

Well, I might have had many wierd and wonderful dreams, but I've never had a recurring dream. It must be a strange experience.

ckhnat said...

especially for a 5 year old

"Did you have any good dreams last night, Sweetie?"

"Just the Crocodile one again."