Friday, April 21, 2006

what would be the perfect ... ?

What would be the perfect way to celebrate my birthday? Hmm ... eating strawberries and listening to Late Tuesday while on the mission field.

Is it possible?

I submit that it is!


ckhnat said...

the only thing that could make it better?

listening to Late Tuesday live ...

which also might be possible.

we'll have to see.

Laura said...

Errmmm... tonight? Tomorrow night? Call me.

Kenan said...

Is your birthday today?
If so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Christine!

ckhnat said...

ha ha ... i didn't even think that it could be taken that way. I was just pondering what I'd be doing this summer and how i'd like to spend my birthday. There's a strawberry festival that Late Tuesday is performing at around that time.

Carmen said...

Now wouldnt that be awesome? i had the coolest birthday party last month. There were like 50 people there, so maybe not my first choice of how to do it, but i did feel very loved. And the happy birthday song was very loud. OH and i have a new post. amazing i know. to heck with chemistry. i think i'll do something fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,

Your pictures remind me of home - a positive reminder. Sometimes, I
wonder how it's possible that even in Louisville, I keep finding people
from..., shall I say, "home"? I am from Leipzig originally, but have been here now for quite a bit already. I like it here a lot.

I hope we can meet one day, whenever you see Pete again, perhaps.

Best wishes with your studies,