Sunday, April 30, 2006


Yesterday I saved $29.90 on 5 or 6 bags of groceries ... without even TRYING!!!

good feeling.


ckhnat said...

someone asked me recently, "Why the new illustration in the corner?"

Well, it's an experiment. I'm testing Craig's theory of Attractivity.

According to this theory more men are apt to make comments on the blog if there is a "pretty" picture on it. He further stated that the present results may differ if there was ... oh, say ... a picture of an 'old hag' instead of a young woman.

I suppose the illustration isn't full proof for the experiment. It depends on what the person sees ... an old hag or a young woman.

What I'd like to know is how to get more women to comment. Do I need to put a picture of Michael Vartan up? I doubt it. What appeals to women?

How can I have the best of both?

I thought the illustration might offer a solution.

Ruth said...

I really like the picture in the corner at the moment. It always challenges me - cause you're not meant to be able to see both the hag and the young lady simultaneously, but I always try and trick my brain into thinking I can!!

You're page is visually pleasing - with so many pictures, you're turn over of posts is fast, and they're not too long, and you have great topic variety - that's what makes me read the page.

John said...

Yeah for Kroger!

ckhnat said...


Okay ... here's another Kroger Supermarket story.

I was picking up some Kosher salt today (they had Fuze drinks on sale for $1 per bottle!) and as I was lingering near the DVD section. A woman struck up a half hour conversation with me. She expressed excitement about seeing the DaVinci Code soon in theatres.

Oh, have you read it?

No I'm not much of a reader.

She then asked me if I thought it was all true.

This woman was hungry for truth. She lives a life of perpetual fear. She prays for archangels to hover over her desk when she works. She is skittish every time a "foreigner" walks by. (Even when she found out that i'm not originally from around here she got suspiscious.) Her conscience is stricken whenever she reads Scripture.

Pray for Wanda.

CraigS said...

Well, it's an experiment. I'm testing Craig's theory of Attractivity.

You still have your blogger profile pick. Replace that with a drawing to really test the theory.

ckhnat said...

and lose everyone?!! no way!

ckhnat said...

Ruth - if you stare at the jaw-line/nose you can almost see both at once.

Carmen said...

oh yes, nickel creek was great. And the opening band before them was really entertaining, they're called "The Ditty Bops". I'd never heard of them before, but I really enjoyed it. And their lead singer is your long-lost twin sister. I'm serious.