Thursday, April 20, 2006

Walter and Hildy

Quotes from His Girl Friday:

Walter Burns: There's been a lamp burning in the window for ya, honey.
Hildy Johnson: No thanks - I jumped out that window a long time ago.

Hildy Johnson: If I ever lay my two eyes on you again, I'm gonna walk right up to you and hammer on that monkeyed skull of yours 'til it rings like a Chinese gong!

Walter Burns: Why Hildy! you've got the old fashioned idea that divorce is something that lasts forever, 'til death do us part.' Why divorce doesn't mean anything now days Hildy, just a few words muttered over you by a judge.


ckhnat said...

Hildy Johnson: Of course he had to have a gun to re-enact the crime with. And who do you think supplied it? Peter B. Hartwell. B For brains.

Sheriff Hartwell: Stop calling me that. I have a real name, see? And it's Peter B. Hartwell.
First reporter: What's the "B" for?
Second reporter: Bull.

Bruce Baldwin: Nice little town, Albany. They've got a State Capitol there, you know.

Walter Burns: Diabetes! I should've known better than to hire somebody with a disease.

Walter Burns: We've been in worse jams than this, haven't we, Hildy?
Hildy Johnson: No.

Walter Burns: What do you think I am, a crook?
Hildy Johnson: Yes.

Walter Burns: Take Hitler and stick him on the funny page.

Walter Burns: Listen, you insignificant, square-toed, pimpled-headed spy.

Hildy Johnson: Walter, you're wonderful, in a loathsome sort of way.

Hildy Johnson: Look, there's this old newspaper superstition that the first big check you cash, you hide it in the lining of your hat.
Murphy: I've been a reporter for 25 years and I've never heard that.
Hildy Johnson: Neither have I.

First reporter: Any clues as to how he escaped?
Second reporter: Maybe the mayor let him out so that Williams would vote for him.

Bruce Baldwin: He's got a lot of charm.
Hildy Johnson: Yes, it comes naturally; his grandfather was a snake!

Walter Burns: Look Hildy, I only acted like any husband that didn't want his home broken up.
Hildy Johnson: What home?
Walter Burns: "What home"? Don't you remember the home I promised you?

Hildy Johnson: Listen to me, you great big bumble-headed bamboo!

Hildy Johnson: He treats me like a woman.
Walter Burns: What did I treat you like? A water buffalo?

Hildy Johnson: I wouldn't cover the burning of Rome for you if they were just lighting it up!

Hildy Johnson: Did you hear that? That's the story I just wrote. Yes, yes, I know we had a bargain. I just said I'd write it, I didn't say I wouldn't tear it up! It's all in little pieces now, Walter, and I hope to do the same for you some day! (hangs up emphatically) And that, my friends, is my farewell to the newspaper business.

Walter Burns: I still wish you hadn't done that, Hildy.
Hildy Johnson: Done what?
Walter Burns: Divorced me. It makes a man feel he's not wanted.
Hildy Johnson: Oh, now look, junior... that's what divorces are FOR!

Walter Burns: Well well... how long is it?
Hildy Johnson: How long is what?
Walter Burns: You know what... how long is it since we've seen each other?

Walter Burns: Let's see this paragon of virtue! Is he as good as you say?
Hildy Johnson: Why, he's better!
Walter Burns: Well then, what does he want with you?
Hildy Johnson: Ah-ha, you got me!

Hildy Johnson: Walter!
Walter Burns: What?
Hildy Johnson: The mayor's first wife, what was her name?
Walter Burns: You mean the one with the wart on her?
Hildy Johnson: Right.
Walter Burns: Fanny!

Louis: What's the matter, Hildy?
Hildy Johnson: Don't give me that innocent stuff! What did you pull on Mr. Baldwin THIS time?
Louis: Who, me?
Hildy Johnson: Yes, you and that albino of yours!
Louis: You talkin' about Evangeline?
Hildy Johnson: None other!
Louis: She ain't no albino.
Hildy Johnson: She'll do 'till one comes along!
Louis: She was born right here in this country!

Walter Burns: Madam, you are a cock-eyed liar!

Sheriff Hartwell: Aiding an escaped criminal and a little charge of kidnapping.
Fred, the Mayor: Well, looks like about ten years a piece for you two birds.
Walter Burns: Does it?
Hildy Johnson: If you think you've got The Morning Post licked it's time for you to get out of town.
Fred, the Mayor: Whistling in the dark. Well that isn't going to help you two. You're through.
Walter Burns: Listen the last man that said that to me was Archie Leach a week before he cut his throat.

Molly Malloy: If you was worth breaking my nails on I'd tear your face wide open.

Walter: Certainly, why I wouldn't let her stay. She deserves all this happiness, Bruce. All the things I couldn't give her. Yeah, all she ever wanted was a home.
Bruce: Well, I'll certainly try to give her one.
Walter: I know you will, Bruce. Where are you gonna live?
Bruce: Albany.
Walter: Albany, huh? Got a family up there then?
Bruce: No, just my mother.
Walter: 'Just your mother.' Oh, you're gonna live with your mother?
Bruce: Well, just for the first year.
Walter: Oh, that will be nice! Yes, yes, a home with mother - in Albany too!

(and ... my favorite scene)

Hildy (sobbing and sniffling): I thought you were really sending me away with Bruce. I didn't know you had him locked up. I thought you were on the level for once. I think you were just standing by and letting me go off with him without doing a thing about it.
Walter: Oh come on, honey. What do you think I was? A chump?
Hildy: And I thought you didn't love me.
Walter: Oh, what were you thinking with?
Hildy: I don't know. Well, what are you standing there gawking for? We have to get him out of jail. Send Louie down with some honest money and send him back to Albany where he belongs.
Walter: Sure, sure.

CraigS said...

Not a movie I would have thought about watching. Should I add it to my quickflix queue?

Hmmm...I see its #207 in IMDB, so must be ok...