Saturday, November 05, 2005

not quite right

Some people go to bars to meet people. I ... I actually entertained the idea of stopping by MacTown some afternoon this week just to hang out. It reminds me of Cheers.

"Hey, how's our favorite tall girl?!"

"Hi, Ward."

"You don't look so good, Christine. Where's that bounce in your step? You okay?"

"Not really," I forced a smile (something I've been doing a lot of lately). "I brought my iBook back. Some of the keys aren't working."

"Here, I'll take it to the back and we'll get Rick to take a look at it."


I hopped on one of the bar stools next to the window. One of the guys with an Eastern European accent, leaned over the counter. "So, where in Germany did you say you were from?"

"North-central. A little place near Hannover."

"I lived two years in Dusseldorf."

"Ah, yes. Near Essen, ja?"

"Yes, I was a refugee."

"Where are you from?"


Rick came out from the back, shaking his head.

"It needs a new keyboard, Christine."

If it HAD been Cheers, I imagine I would have downed a whisky right then. "I need this computer, Rick. What do I need to do?"

"It's no big deal. Really. If I order it right now, it'll be here Monday. Just bring it in then and we'll patch it up."

"How much will it cost me?"

"Not a penny. It's covered by the warranty."

What warranty? They keep telling me that it's covered by the warranty. What warranty? The warranty expired two weeks ago.

I haven't been in such a funk in a long time. I want to laugh again. A real, genuine laugh. Not a tinkling bit of noise to make others think that the world of Christine is just peachy. Man, you should listen to my thoughts. I sound soo selfish. I want to be appreciated, loved, hugged, cared for. Ha, ME! ... me, just imagine ... sniff, wipe ... there's no time for such foolish talk. Ha, and here I was imagining that these Mac guys were my best friends. There's something not quite right going on in my head.

"Bye, Ward!"

"Take care, Christine. See you Monday."


Tom said...

That was funny, so vivid I can close my eyes and watch that whole episode....very good!

Allie Riedy said...

Umm...I have the feeling that this post wasn't really meant to be haha funny...Christine! Don't be sad...if you need to talk, come by!

ckhnat said...

Ah, you know me, Allie. I have a way at finding the humor even in the "funk." It's a gift. No reason to drag the rest of the world into my messed up psyche. Keep the world laughing, and they won't feel so sorry for you.

N said...

Is this indicative of Christian culture or am I missing something? You post this heartfelt note about being down, being in a funk, clearly needing some cheer, being vulnerable with your friends/readers... you get 2 comments. You post something about dating and you get 22 comments.

In the words of my old roommate, "I call bullshit".

Or was the first dude here right and it was a joke? Or maybe everyone thought that because they can't imagine someone of your strength having a down day?

I find this concept with people terribly frustrating...but at the same time i know it's mostly my fault when it happens to me. It's pretty tough for people to know they should help or get in touch when they just assume people like us are "fine" and have "tons of friends" to talk with whenever we want.

I think it's because normally we are probably the ones bringing up the conversation...of whatever it may be... so then when a 'down time' hits us...we are pretty much left alone because no one thinks we are really that down.

ahh... humans.