Friday, November 18, 2005


Anonymous, please don't take this as a personal attack on your character. Just so that we're clear, I don't have a problem with people expressing their points of view (negative or otherwise). But readers and other bloggers have taken up arms to protest your choice in concealing your identity. It's not just you but anonymous commentors in general. Don't take it too personally.

That being said, here is the poll I was encouraged to post with the help of a few of the girls on the hall.

How do you feel about anonymous comments?
anonymous is sketcheroo
anonymity is a sign of immaturity
anonymous is cowardice
anonymous is the Unabomber
anonymous is ashamed of his/her grammar
anonymous has no confidence in his/her opinions


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Carmen said...

Here, here Christine!
What more is a blog for than to post your life, your stories, and your opinions. Besides, your life is interesting.

Anonymous said...

See there you go agin. Your poll is nothing but a one sided "lets all trash anonymous" poll. Hardly an unbiased poll. Where is the vote "anonymous has a right to remain anonymous"? and Carmen what do you know about her life being interesting, she is 24.4904 years old, no guy, in seminary. Sounds like she is really going places.....

Christian said...


I agree that the poll is highly biased. You make some valid points in your posts.

Wisdom would be on your side if you only used a little more tact. Criticism should be constructive, not destructive.

So I encourage you to make your points, but do so with wise and convincing words.

Bobby said...

Masked Man:

It's her blog. Get it? Her blog? Hers?

But actually you are getting to be kind of funny. Not in the way you intend, but still.

I would say that a 24-year old in seminary is doing just fine. And why should she necessarily have a guy? It's better to have nobody than the wrong body.

erin said...

"she is 24.4904 years old, no guy, in seminary. Sounds like she is really going places....." that necessary? Or true? Who says she's needs a guy to be interesting. The majority of the women of faith from the Bible did the cool things that we know them for when they were single. And going somewhere takes planning and preparing which is what seminary can aide in. Besides, she is somewhere, she's seeking her God. That's a good somewhere to be.

I really don't know if you said that to be funny or what your intention was but really, anonymous or not, we all need to be careful to speak encouragement to each other. and wasn't it you, anonymous(assuming you are the same anon), that just got done talking about how we need to stop talking about relationships on blogs? So why bring that up as a factor of making someone interesting or boring?

I've never even met you Christine, and lets be honest, I probably never will becuase even if I do end up at Southern, you will quite possibly be done there. But, still, I find your blog very interesting and encouraging. I love reading what you are learning about life.

And just so you aren't too freaked out about some random girl talking about how great you are....I'm friends with Nikki Tatom. I just love reading all the Southern blogs and getting to learn from people that are a couple years ahead of me in life.

Tom said...

Hey ya know with this anon stuff goin on, I think the tile of this blog would make the most sense.

I'd rather laugh than cry

So I'm laughin at anon. WHy? THey are trying to be angry, they are not angry but seem to be trying too hard.

Yes if there were some tact, anon would have had more supporters. Yet, they did not. So I shall go back to laughing. It's so sad I gotta laugh.

Laura said...

First of all, to reiterate what Bobby has already said, this is Christine's blog. She can write about herself forever if she wants. As a Christian, she has a responsibility to have an attitude of humility in all her actions, just like the rest of us. But she is not required to put on false humility or to put herself down, she is to allow the Holy Spirit to control her attitude.

Second, at the risk of sounding like Howard Stern, if you don't like what she has to say, go somewhere else. As far as I can see, Christine is not sinning by telling her friends and acquaintances about her upbringing, her opinions, her experiences, and her heart. She is simply sharing her life with them.

Finally, if you, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, are a believer, you should know what your sarcastic attack on Christine's character (while hiding behind a veil of anonymity) is sin. God's Word clearly presents us with a pattern for confronting those whom we perceive to be in error, and you did not follow that pattern. If you believe Christine to be arrogant, your first responsibility would be to point out her fault "in private" (Matt 18:15). If she remained unrepentant of her supposed sin, your next task would be to gather 2 or three others who had witnessed it, and confront her together (Matt 18:16).

But even when you had exhausted the course of action laid out in Matthew 18, you still would not have had the right to attack her character and her decisions here on her blog. Paul tells us in Ephesians that the works of sinful flesh include "enmity, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, rivalries, dissensions, divisions..." (Gal 5:20) and instructs us to "put away anger, wrath, malice, and slander" (Col 3:8).

Since you persist in choosing not to reveal your identity, I have no choice but to address you in this way. I wish it were otherwise, and that you had left an opportunity for reconciliation, which is always the goal of confrontation in the Body of Christ. As it is, I only hope that you will be convinced of the ungodliness of your actions, and convicted by God's word. I also pray that you will come to grips with whatever bitterness you have toward Christine and allow God to clean it out of your heart. I hope that you do not see this merely as a reproach, but as an exhortation for you to leave behind childish behavior and strive toward holiness.

Bradley said...

Mr. Anonymous,

The Poll is incomplete, but it does capture a few of the possible reasons why anynymous people prefer to be anyonymous. Why do you prefer to be "anonymous?" Are you afriad to tell tell us why you prefer to be anyonymous? What say you?

ckhnat said...

Goodness knows that I love to laugh ... especially at myself. I thought I was certain of the identity of the first anonymous who commented concerning relationships; but the anonymous who posted on the last post and this one i'm sure is someone completely different.

I'm not going to censure my blog. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, if you choose to post an opinion contrary to one I have stated, please do so in respect (i.e. refrain from using German derogatory terms). I can take a few punches here and there. I probably deserve them.

However, if you are meaning to be funny ... it's lost on me. Actually, I'm getting a little "weirded-out." 24.4904?

Jonathan said...

Hey, why are you all giving so much attention to a nobody? Let's ignore "anonymous" from now on. Obviously, she/he just wants attention.

Although I would like to hear a response to Bradley's question.

Jonathan said...

PS who says "sketcheroo?" That's retarderoo, like captain kangaroo.

Laura said...


Allie Riedy said...

Hey Jonathan! Don't mess! "Sketcharoo" was courtesy of moi...haha, no but really, this topic is getting ridiculous, and I really do think anonymous is the unabomber, lol

Lisa said...

sketcheroo, very

Hey all, I think you will find this post of Leah's worthy of reading...I would be interested in your thoughts as fellow seminary students.

Keep up the great blogging, Christine

the mysterious anonymous said...

yes, i am the unabomber!.....

there are some points i would like to make, and then i will happily keep all other comments to my untactful self.

1. i am the one who posted the first anonymous comment. as for the second (and any others that i may not be aware of) i am unaware of the writer. i don't by any means consider your age, single status, or desire to be in seminary cause for being considered "uninteresting". you have accomplished and seen much, and it is unfair to say otherwise.

2. i appreciate those of you who have kindly pointed out my great lack of tact. i have always been far too blunt, and i take NO pride in it. you are right in admonishing me to use a more christlike and positive approach. i sincerely thank you, and will continue to practice keeping my foot out of my big mouth. i was wrong to tear down rather than build up a fellow believer.

3. those of you who continue to remind me that this is indeed christine's blog are right. i think she has the right to talk about the issues that are important to her. i would appreciate it, however, if you would take into consideration that i did not give my opinion until i was asked what i thought about it. she has a right to post her blogs, she has a right to ask for comments, people have a right to post comments (even ones that are unpopular), and everyone has the right to remain anonymous.

4. i don't mind going on record as the unabomber if that pleases you. :) but honestly, i found all the attention that was given to my comment and the poll a little ridiculous, funny, and biased. for most of you, if you are truthful with yourself, you know that it is not the word "anonymous" but rather my contrary opinion that made you angry. christine has always had a great deal of "followers", and it appears that things at the seminary are no different. i know my original intention for choosing to remain anonymous, and i also know that my reasons were not wrong. you, of course, may think whatever you like. obviously, most of you jumped to conclusions and posted your assumptions right away. for future reference, if someone chooses to remain anonymous, to assume that the individual is doing it because of cowardice or other negative reasons is equal to assuming that christine posts blogs about herself because she is arrogant. neither is correct or fair in any way. christine is smart. i know she knows who i am, and that does not bother me.

5. as a general rule, i rarely visit blogs. i have been a little surprised at how obsessive some people are about them. no, it's not wrong, but it is a current trend i cannot fully relate to. i am a fairly busy person. i have jobs, ministries, responsibilities, and a serious relationship to keep my hours filled. i think perhaps i have grown intolerant of those who actually have so much time to sit around blogging throughout the day. oh, perhaps if i were in the same situation as many of you, i would do the same, but i think most of you will find in a few years that all of this will mean very little to you. please don't misunderstand in thinking i am trying to be harsh again, but so many of you are getting really worked up about one person who disagreed with a blog post. there are bigger issues in life. maybe when you live in a dorm, talking about "anonymous" is of great importance, but honestly, in the grand scheme of things, most of the stuff i find on blogs isn't of great importance. i guess i would rather just get out there and do stuff with my life than comment and read comments from people i don't know.

6. most of you will be glad to know this is probably my last blogging session. in the past i have only gone on blogs when someone encouraged me to read some lastest blog. if it makes all of you feel better to continue wasting your time wondering who i am, or posting angry comments at me because you think i hate christine, then go for it. i hope it benefits you in some way, but i won't be stopping by to read it. this is not because i dislike or disagree with most of what is said, but rather, i'm busy, and i just don't get the big deal about blogs.

7. christine, you know what my stand has always been about relationships. you know my current situation, and you know that right now my happy lovesick heart is simply too full for bitterness. i wish the same for you one day. for a girl who didn't seem overly concerned about discussing guys/relationships, i was concerned, overwhelmed, and a little weary of how much attention you had been giving to the topic of late. again, it is your right to discuss what is important to you. although you asked for opinions in a mass email, i was too quick, too harsh, and far too ungracious in my choice of words. it seemed to me that the subject of dating was of such great importance at the seminary that i was finding it annoying. i think my attack was more at a way of thinking than at you, however, if you feel the need to address this topic, i should not have discouraged you. as you know, i personally tire quickly of christian young people constantly getting stuck on this topic, but i know your intentions are good. thank you for wanting godly relationships for yourself and others.

wow. for someone who doesn't blog much i sure have written a lot! may all of you continue in your blogging and forget that anonymous ever gave a contrary opinion. although my views have not changed, i hope that my attitude and approach has. i was tempted to leave all alone only because i was hoping you would all realize this was not important enough to keep discussing it, but i felt that there were some issues that needed to be addressed and corrected and i hope i have been able to do that.

farewell, and don't worry your pretty little heads about it anymore.

jeremy said...

Oh, but it is the fact that you posted anonymously, at least for me it is. A person has every right to disagree with what ever they want to disagree with. That does not give them the right to post mean spirited comments, or comments that are so pointed to a person that has enough respect to print their name.

You must understand that all of these reactions did not happen solely because you posted anonymously. It is culmination of many anonymous commentors. It is always the anonymous commenter that rowls people up because they almost always have no tact and only want to argue or accuse.

I have been out of the game as of recent, and I have mist most of the post, but don't feel so proud about yourself to think that you are the first to anger the bloggers. And as you have said I will be quick to label you. I have no problem with classifying you with all the other anonymous commentors.
You (and I am refering to all the anons out there) are probably a Seminary Graduate or at least have some sort of Masters degree.
You are probably in a ministerial position, maybe even a pastorate.
You feel (on a deeper level) that your class is intelectually superior to ours, that you have experienced so much more and know so much more.
You feel that we are not as awesome as you because we like to write about our world online.

And you have the audacity to come into our lives without a name and judge us. Then when you are rightly called out and exhorted to righteousness, you continue to hide your name.

Shame?, Pride?, Jealousy? What is the motivation for so many people to post anonymously? Why do they hide themselves from us, then get so offended when they are called out?