Tuesday, November 15, 2005

swiss garage

How does this work?


Lisa said...


Jonathan said...

Cool - that's one of those new hover vans isn't it?

...Or do they have to drive it upstairs and through the kitchen everyday?

ckhnat said...

The Swiss are very innovative ... but no, it's not a hover van. C'mon, take a close look at it.

My dad and I were walking down the street and we had to stop. We must have stood there for a good 10 minutes trying to figure it out. It's the garage for a corner grocery store in the mountain village of Grindlewald.

CM said...

Is there a concrete lift or ramp on that two story garage?

N said...

that is a mystery from this angle. only thing i can figure is their is some access back inside there and the truck can go out the other way. it doesn't appear to have any sort of lift mechanism or ramp that slides into place over the lower area. and why would you want a ledge out there for your vehicle to pull on to when it can't go anywhere in that direction.

ahh!! the suspense is killing me. do tell...


p.s. i'm curious as to how you find these comments made on old posts... do you get an email or something everytime someone comments?

ckhnat said...

Dear Mr. N,

take a closer look at the ends of the ramp and the side. those Swiss certainly are innovative.

Clint has it.

Miss. C.

p.s. - yes.