Wednesday, November 09, 2005

what i am going to do after graduation

While babysitting 1 1/2 year old Ian yesterday, I discovered my long lost list of things I hoped to accomplish after I graduated from college. This discovery came in the form of Ian having a jolly time pulling out everything in my wallet ... why not? it was keeping him busy and allowing me to clean out all the junk. The list was compiled during my senior year and edited by a friend of mine one day before art class. So in parentheses are his editorial comments.

So, here it is ... my list of "what I am going to do after graduation" from college. (not in consecutive order)

1. go to Rome
2. get pilot's license
3. learn how to kickbox
4. take swing dancing lessons
5. get a kitten (crossed out)
6. rent an apartment
7. decorate apartment
8. get a job
9. get a Master's degree
10. watch a movie
11. read newspapers, magazines, and books galore
12. listen to CDs
13. visit family in Caifornia, New England, and Germany
14. teach
15. find my own church
16. go to museums
17. get my wisdom teeth out (he didn't think i needed to)
18. get a dog: afghan hound or irish setter (also something he didn't think i needed)
19. paint
20. draw
21. sculpt
22. go to Singapore
23. perform in a play
24. design and sew
25. become a hair stylist
26. go on a date
27. take an oriental cooking class
28. learn a few languages
29. be in a friend's wedding
30. skydive
31. play a game of golf
32. be an extra in a movie
33. full body massage (refer to #26)
34. be a companion for a rich old lady
35. be a storyteller for the public library
36. become an art historian
37. go on a cruise with a friend
38. take singing lessons
39. take up the classical guitar again
40. buy a bikini and wear it ... in my bedroom
41. start TallDoll, Inc.
42. write a book


ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi I´m Chris. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!

ckhnat said...

1. knocked that one right off when Dolly and I went on a Roman Holiday after I graduated.
6. the first one had pink carpet (gag!)
7. actually, i'm helping some guys do that
8. i did, then i didn't, but then i did
9. working on it
10. we weren't allowed to watch movies accept for maybe Anne of Green Gables in the library
11. yep, that's what i'm in grad school for
12. yes, anything i want to ... although iTunes has made purchasing CDs obsolete
14. two years, baby
15. after four years of required attendence at the campus church ... ah, fresh air ... and a church that takes being a church seriously ... i'm in love.
16. High Art Museum, Smithsonian, National Art Gallery, etc.
19. did that this weekend. i was going to cry if the guys didn't want it.
20. still dabble in it
23. does directing a play count?
26. despite what others may tell you ... i have yet to complete #26
28. Czech ... okay, only a few phrases
42. i'm working on the book ... slowly but surely

Emily said...

the list looks good Christine! I'm sure you'll get all of those things on your list crossed off. Three cheers for christine! Hip, Hip, Hooray! By the way, Roman Holiday is the best movie ever.

ckhnat said...

yeah, i was trying to keep the list reasonable ... but then again, i've been known to do some crazy things.

Jonathan said...

So you're saying you've never been on a date?! Wow that's crazy. Well, not really crazy. Maybe crazy. How old are you?

My girlfriend had never been on a date before I took her on one. But then again, she's only 19, and I'm 103.

Jonathan said...


Oh yeah, you should make a TallDoll you call Paul that plays WallBall in the mall hall.

ckhnat said...

ha ha .... no, we wouldn't actually make dolls .... well, we hadn't thought about anyway ... it's a play on words. I'm tall combined with my bestfriend/partner in the business's name, Dolly. The store would be split down the middle. Tall clothing on one side and petites on the other, with wonderfully fun accessories in the middle.

As for number 26, maybe i shouldn't have included it. I'm not ashamed of it, but others may not understand.

Jonathan said...

I'm glad to hear that you're not ashamed of it [#26]. That's really good, because I can tell you that as a Christian guy, it's heartbreaking to hear a girl you care about express an embarrassment about her inexperience in dating.

It's a reflection of a sad reality that our world shames the innocent and treats inexperience as some sort of abnormality of which to be embarrassed. This innocence is something to be highly valued, not hidden. I'm glad to hear that you understand this already.


#32----Extra in a Movie.

Since you're in the Louisville area...check out the Kentucky Regional Film Commision Board here,

Sometimes they have listings for extras, and on some of the bigger productions you get paid for it and sometimes a meal.

It's a great way to see the calloborative aspect of filmmaking.

Hey Jon...loved the Civil War stuff.

In Christ,

N said...

to keep going on the "i don't buy that she's never been on dates." ... if she has NEVER been on a date then she's putting that 'achievement' up on a pedestal and isn't likely to just 'go on a date' with even a decent guy that asks her out. she'll avoid that until it REALLY HITS HER... at the risk of avoiding someone really great. this is of course all very understandable, and actually quite laudable... but it also skews the statistics. it's like someone who's never drank a drop of alcohol... they are going to wait much longer until an epic moment presents itself... and might have a nice 15 year scotch in front of them but don't want to touch it until they are on the top of some mountain in Scotland proposing a toast to a king or someone.

Nixter said...

you need to add move to Australia ;)

William Stewart said...

Hi Christine,

I'm not sure how I got on this site, but it is good to see a fellow Christian living for the Lord and not ashamed of it. As far as the get a date thing goes, don't let people ridicule you...I haven't dated either.