Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ich komme aus Deutschland

I’ll take Geography for 600, Alex.



Yes, James.

What is the name of the country where Christine is from?

The funny thing is that I don’t even know James. But he knows where I’m from?!

That’s been the story of my life. In college, people didn't even know my name. It was "Hey, tall German girl!" And have you seen how many people on the poll who have voted that don’t even know me … and about half of them, if not more, read my blog obsessively. All of them know that I’m from Germany.

But when you do meet me … is that slight disappointment that I detect?

You’re wondering why I don’t have a German accent.

I discovered this summer that I can fake a pretty good one if I have to. But no, I don’t have an accent. I should hope not. I’ve been working on it for over twenty years. If I did I’d be pretty upset. All those hours of practicing with the cassette tapes wasted … I want my money back!

So, what’s my story? Ask me sometime. I’ll tell you in person.

added 11/17:

So, where are you from?


José said...

I too do not know you (though I also attend Southern), but I guess this proves that "Wissen ist Macht!" or something like that.

Gooten Nacht!

Anonymous said...

Your so full of yourself. You actually think people want to hear where your from. So your from Germany, so your not from Germany...who cares. Oh.. your from Germany let me throw in a german phrase i know...verlierer!. You make a poll to see if people like you enough to fill out the poll. Its probably just one guy clicking "obsessively" and "never met her" twice a day. Get over yourself.

Heather said...

Ok, so I just finished my paper, and before bed I thought I'd stop by and check out what I've missed in the blog world. And aside from the fact that I enjoyed your post, I have this thing where I have to leave a nice comment if the previous one is unpleasant. So here we go. I must say, "Anonymous" has an obvious problem with (not so latent) hostility. Perhaps if s/he's so offended by your private blog, s/he could, um, not read it? If anything, s/he is the one with the ego problem...from whence the assumption that any of us care to hear his/her unsolicited criticisms of someone else's blog? Random mean comments are so...frustrating. Furthermore, I would happen to love to hear your story sometime, being the linguistic nut that I am... :)

Bobby said...

It's obviously some insecure, immature boy with a crush on her who feels he was slighted by her at some point in the past.
And dude, the contraction for "you are" is spelled "you're." And the only obsessive reader of this blog that we know of is you.

ckhnat said...

I ... I'm sorry ... I don't quite know what to say. Should I take down the post? I didn't intend to ... um ... I suppose I see your point ... how you would think it prideful of me ... I just meant ...

Maybe I can fix it by making this a forum for people to talk about where they're from ... or about their own accents or lack thereof.

I'm sorry if you got the impression that I was being conceited.

Lisa said...

I would not worry about it, Christine. Anyone who is not able to reveal who they are when posting is not really worth's a cowards way out.

I think it is great that you are sharing more about yourself and where you have come from...I look forward to meeting you someday around campus. BTW, is that you in the photo wearing wooden clogs? (adorable!)

ckhnat said...

yep, that's me. *but don't tell anyone that the picture wasn't taken in Germany.* Instead it was in Holland. My mom and I were on a day trip with some of the other military families. If I remember correctly, I think that was even a windmill behind me. I still have the wooden shoes.

José said...

Just out of curiosity, are you full German or half German? Also, what do you think are the prospects of Angela Merkel being able to restore sanity in the Bundestag? Also, do you know a certain Otti Verleger in Dresden or maybe Nuremberg? (the last 2 questions are a joke.)

ckhnat said...

Who said I was German?

sheesh ... if I gave that sort of information out on the world wide web I'd be just handing my life over to who knows what kind of stalkers. ; )

Sigh. I feel for Angela. She's doomed to fail. In order to form a government, the CDU and the SDP had to compromise. "Alright, Angela, you can be Chancellor ... but your entire cabinet has to be from our socialist party." She'll never be able to accomplish anything and they will make a fool out of her. She's a martyr.

I used to live near Nuernberg (the actual German name for what you Americans call Nuremberg).

Tom said...

I think anonymous should get over him/herself witht aht tone of voice in the comment. If they had a valid point they did poorly on conveying it.

So anon does not like polls, whoopdidydoo!!

Now the story of her post is many people she does not know, know where she is from. Yes that is wierd. Every now and then people say something about me and I have to think when and where I said that, especially when strangers know something about me like that.

So Christine don't take down anything unless it is truley on your heart to do so. This is blog land...its a realm of expression and anon was very rude to impose otherwise.

Make mr./mrs. anon feel better, do a poll on how many people do not like the anon comment! hah!

Allie Riedy said...

YOU GUYS!!!! I know why Anonymous is anonymous! He's the unabomber!!! Shhh! Don't tell anyone!!!

Lorie said...

I'm American but I grew up in Brazil. I don't have an accent in Portuguese (ie. they can't tell I'm American) but I did get told once that I have a foreign-sounding accent in English. Which is ludicrous, because I don't.

I see on your profile that you like salsa and merengue. Are you a dancer? There are a few of us seminary grads that go salsa dancing when we can. You should come with us!

Laura said...

Hold up. I just translated "verlierer" and I seriously do not believe you got on this website and called my friend a loser. That takes a lot of gumption, buddy, to come on someone's blog anonymously and start name-calling like we were on the playground in gradeschool. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Oh right and like the fact that you even care is not just like gradeschool. You guys are all giving me a hard time, your no better than me. Don't you have anything better to do then read what I commented on, on someone else's post. I can see commenting on post, but commenting on the comments (and making fun of people who make mistakes while typing) Great job "Christians"....Don't you people have lives???

Heather said...

Um, I don't think it's so much that we have nothing better to do than read your comments (which is a self-defeating argument, since your reply implies you have nothing better to do than read ours...); I think it's just that we're confused as to why you lashed out so angrily at someone you don't even know...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and so now you have commented on my comment on your commenting on my comment to a post. Who's the gradeschooler now?

the OTHER anonymous said...

I know you are but what am I?

ckhnat said...

dear "other",

WHO ARE YOU? (Boy, just when you think you have it all figured out.) I would appreciate an email from you ... just to curb my curiosity.

And as a public notice to everyone ... the playground is closed.