Wednesday, October 11, 2006

sexual intimacy in marriage

C. J. Mahaney speaks on Song of Solomon ... believe me, the point is not that Christ is in between the Old and New Testament!

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under the sub-heading "Building Strong Families in Your Church"
(scroll down to the sermon "Sexual Intimacy in Marriage" by C. J. Mahaney)

He quotes Tom Gledhill's commentary:
"This unabashed reveling in creatureliness must not be cramped by thoughts that it is all somehow beneath our dignity and that we would be better praying than making love. For this is a false dichotomy that must be banished forever. We do not need to sanctify an entirely natural act by having simultaneous spiritual thoughts in our spouses arms."

In addition, I have REALLY enjoyed listening to Mark Driscoll's sermons on Song of Solomon.

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type in Song of Songs in the "search" box
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Donna said...

You should DEFINITELY check out the Desiring God's publication of their "Sex and the Supremacy of Christ" conference - all of the lectures are available online for free. There are four specific lectures for single men, married men, single women, and married women. VERY good stuff -- mine and Jason's favorite is by Ben Patterson: "The Goodness of Sex and the Glory of God."

Have a great week, Christine!

Donna said...

I know, I know - after today it's "goodbye, blog world!" :) Hope you enjoy the lectures... and you have freedom to call me out anytime, Christine!