Thursday, October 12, 2006

an autumn song of Cuban stars

This morning, Mike's and my relationship reached a new level when I sang a song to him before he fell asleep. That's a HUGE step for me ... especially considering how he'd asked me to do so a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't ... "Maybe when we're married ..."

I have no confidence in my singing abilities AT ALL. I may have been in a praise team at church ... but for all I know the sound guy probably turned the volume on my mic down and I was just a smiling face on the platform singing my heart out for the Lord. "Make a joyful noise, wot?"

This afternoon, a group of us went to a Cuban resteraunt. The guys were raving about the photographs in the men's toilet room of guys rolling cigars.

"Cassey, do you think you and I ought to take a puff one night just to see what all the hype is about?"

"Sure, if we want to know what it's like to kiss an ash tray!"

Hmm ... I have wondered ... (lol! I was being fascecious.)

Then we talked about Turkish coffee ... how we'd like to go to Istanbul one day ... ooo, What about Morocco? ... Mmm, loved Casablanca ... Not me ... Can't stand Humphrey Bogart ... One of the top 20 ugliest men ... There was nothing about him that was endearing in Sabrina. Why would she fall for him? ... If not Bogart, then who? ... Here's a clue into Girl Dorm Room talk: "Ok, Carey Grant or Jimmy Stewart?" I always answer, "Jimmy Stewart!" ... Really? I didn't think chicks would dig him. Isn't he sort of bumbling? ... But endearing. ... Ooo, I'm rather fond of that guy from Roman Holiday. ... GREGORY PECK?!!! LOVE HIM! sigh ... Gregory Peck/Jimmy Stewart--I'm trying to grasp how you could like both ... Hmm, it's sort of Ying and Yang. ... I tell you who could have stayed off the silver screen: Fred Astaire. Bleh! ... What about chicks? ... (The guys looked at each other ... I think the only classic female film star they know is Audrey Hepburn) ... Well, I like Ingrid Bergman and Greer Garson. ... Who?

It's truly Autumn. At the restaurant we watched as the weather map was on display on the television ... together we cheered as if we were watching a sport as the cold front moved into our region. Driving home the leaves swirled around the road as cars whizzed by. It made me feel like dancing ...

View entire Funny Face dance club scene here


Carmen said...

Oh yes, Ingrid. Inn of the Sixth Happiness is one of my favorites.

Jonny said...

Some Aussie music there I think. You softly sang AC/DC till mike went to sleep? How sweet.

GloryandGrace said...

Coffee in Istanbul is great; I highly recommend it :)

I'm not a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn, but just about every other day in college, I'd walk in to my roommate watching either "Roman Holiday" or "Breakfast at Tiffany's"--Oh, and my voice teacher in college told me once that he would most compare my singing voice to Bing Crosby. Just when I was feeling like I had received a pretty sweet compliment, he informed me that it wasn't a good sad!

Laura said...

Awesome stream-of-consciousness post. Good work.

Jim the 3rd said...

Jimmy Stewart is the man. Didn't he usually play the do-gooder in distress, trying to figure out if he's doing what's right? (I can think of a couple movies off the top of my head.) He always goes against the grain, trying to beat the odds. He's like John Wayne only without guns or muscles.

emily said...

I love your song choice. I'm sure that it put Mike to sleep with lovely thoughts in his head!! I used to sing that song when I was little!