Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the arty ones

"Hi, you've been to visit Dolly before, haven't you? You're the arty one aren't you?"

I tossed my head back and let out a hearty laugh. "All of us are the arty ones. We all studied art together in college."

Yes, I am terribly proud of my arty friends. Beth (Dolly's look-alike) works at the U.S. branch of Answers in Genesis as a designer (which I found out is separate from its Australian counterpart). Karen (the eccentric Aussie) is a designer at another Bible college. And Dolly is a designer for a printing company and works independently on the side. Me? I'm the only one who is currently not in an art related occupation ... sigh ... I hope to teach art again one day ...

That being said we all got a good laugh when the wedding photographer commented about our modeling abilities.

"Ha ha ... you have NO idea how much experience we really do have. Whenever any of us needed a 'source' for a project we were only too willing to comply."

I was honored that Dolly chose to paint me for her masterpiece as part of her Master of Art portfolio. Supposedly my future husband gets the blessing of owning this beautiful marvel. I doubt, however, Dolly will ever actually give it up. LOL! Could you imagine! Let's say he's a pastor and I can't be there when a woman comes to him for counsel ... there *I* am staring down at her ... "Don't you dare get emotionally attached to my man!"

* I made the dress in the painting.


Nixter said...

thats a lovely painting... Maybe you can give me art lessons, just painted my first canvas - very basic very easy.. I am not very arty but am willing to learn. I saw you used woo hoot up in a post above - good job ;)

ckhnat said...

i would LOVE to teach a Bible study/art class that helps women (or children) see their Christian heritage in the arts and encourages them in their talents and grows them in the instruction of observing God's handiwork and replicating it as creators created in the image of the Creator. Maybe when I move to Sydney.

papabear said...

nice painting and nice dress!