Monday, October 30, 2006

i can't look at you and take you seriously

So I decided to dress up as Katy Luther tonight for our Reformation Costume Party at Cassey and Jiri's ... although they didn't know they were throwing a costume party ... and I don't think anyone else knew either ... hmm, oh well.

But it didn't take long before my character was transformed from this remarkable historical figure to a pagan Goddess of the Wood. After Jiri crowned me with a berry wreath, no one could take me seriously.

Throughout the night I attempted to take part in multiple serious conversations. "When speaking to those immersed in legalism, one can rarely use logic to convince them of their error..."

"Pfgthfffft! Sorry, Christine. It's just so hard to take you seriously with those berries on your head."

At one point I pouted, which made people laugh even harder.

Bwahahaha! I enjoy making people laugh ... even if it's not on purpose.


GloryandGrace said...

One of my all-time favorite biographies is one on Katharina von Bora~

Laura said...

You should turn that picture into a "You Supply The Caption" a la Purgatorio. My submission:

The pagan Goddess of the Wood devours Cassey, whom she has turned into a mushroom for mocking her outfit.

Ruth said...

Christine - you make me laugh! :-)

Suzanne said...

Great picture! You look the very picture of autumn, my very favorite season.