Thursday, August 17, 2006

Onlinesoph and Tracy -

thank you thank you thank you!!! oh, i didn't even have to read all of your comments (although i did ;-) to know that you are spot on! In my mind that's NOT what I was thinking at all ... but I can see how I wrote it conveys exactly what your critiques have stated. Indeed, Chris is correct. My writing in the past is laced with championing single women and rebuking the church for treating singles as if they are broken and need to be fixed with the wonder glue of marriage. I merely continued the thread of marriage because it applied to what originally drove me into women's ministry. I sought to hit the point home that if a single woman desire to be married and would like to prepare for that ... the solution is not 3 hail mary's ... rather it is consistent godly living ... what single and married people ought to be doing anyway. Ack! but i see i've failed. that is EXACTLY why i'm thankful for this blog and the interaction on it. that way if I do actually seek to get published one day I don't fall flat on my face in ridicule and shame. Thank you so much, ladies, for pointing out the positives and negatives.

In women's ministry I'd like to focus on teaching women the Bible ... I am by no means an expert on marriage and motherhood ... I'm just not qualified ... So should I speak at conferences, write Bible study literature, or lead a Bible study at a local church, my studies will be on Scripture ... not how to catch a godly man in 3 weeks ... etc. It is out of a solid foundation in Scripture that godly living in all sorts of relationships and areas of life can be put to work. Ruth, Esther, and Proverbs 31 would not be common theme passages in my teaching. But rather the entirety of Scripture.

Indeed, Soph, i have been neglecting the single women of late. Perhaps the reason lies in that it is sooo new for me to be in a committed relationship and I am in awe of the new lessons I am learning! so cool!

here are two past posts ... none of the writing original to me ... but very important to me, nonetheless. If anyone knows of any other posts that i've written for the benefit of singles feel free to contribute.

I'd rather laugh than cry: the warped theology of singleness

I'd rather laugh than cry: %u201CThe Single Servant of God%u201D - 1 Cor. 7:32


onlinesoph said...

Hey Christine,

I'm encouraged that you hold the Scripture in such high regard and I prayed for you, that you'll be led by the Holy Spirit to a deeper knowledge of God and continue grow in wisdom in this area. Please pray the same for me!

Martha said...

Christine, I think you may be more on track than most of us give you credit for. Learning submission and respect should come before the marriage. It is not an easy lesson to learn afterward. Prepare women for marriage ( most will be there some day) if that is your calling and don't get distracted by the fact that some are called to singleness. We are all in the race together.

I shudder too at the blatant disrespect many women have for their husbands, but have not had the courage to speak out much against it. Praise God He is still working on me too.

The Borg said...

Christine, can you please come and be a women's worker at Crossroads? Please?

ckhnat said...

talk to Mikey, Shy. maybe if he hears it from you he'll be more apt to believe that i'm not just Mike's crazy American girlfriend.

Rabby said...

"Learning submission and respect should come before the marriage."

Now ain't it the truth, Martha? It shore is. That's good werds. An you can look at how a girl treats other men in her life like her daddy an brothers an frends an all. An if she doesn't treat them with respect an if'n she pushes them around an all, that's what she's gonna do to the poor fella she marries. An that's a fact with my paw up if'n I had to die.

Martha said...

"... and Brer Rabbit, he lie low."